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Kids' Immunity and the mRNA Experimental Injections

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Of course the uber-boosted are the ones being infected

Post-mRNA Myocarditis: The First 180 Days

The (2020) Variants: Not Guilty

The clots are not amyloid?

If It Weren't for Those Meddling Immunocompromised Kids

All SARS-CoV-2 clades fade out

Should variants actually happen? Pt. 3

Should variants actually happen? Pt. 2

Should variants actually happen? Pt. 1

Masks are psychologically beneficial, everybody

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RSV notes, out of office notice

New spike knowledge; resource upload (spike structure map)

The Vaccine "Kills" Fetal Blood Stem Cells Study

Some Ruthless Ideology

Reevaluating the likelihood of a random synthetic fingerprint (updates to "Refining"...)

(Refining the) "Deep State Origin" case

The Qatar "Imprinting" / "Boosters Increase Reinfection!" Study

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The Swedish teen vaccine study, briefly

The SARS-CoV-2 and Blood Going to Air-less Lung Areas Study

The Molecular Lung

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Notes on sudden cardiac deaths

The synthetic origin paper; out of office notice

Immune Debt Denialism

The "Convergent Evolution Escape" Study

The Sage Hana Questionnaire

Spike Protein and Prions, pt 2

Six Deaths at Dartmouth

Bivalent Shot WaPo Comments: Trends, Anecdotes

The Quiet Corona-can

Omicron did not change whether the vaccinated make N antibodies

Spike Protein and Prions, pt 1

Vaccine hesitancy-fighter bravely fights hesitancy to report own vaccine-induced cancer

The Virus Shuts Down Kids' Lungs Study

Decoding Polio

Follow-up to "Thailand"

The BA.5 Summer Survey Study

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The Extinct SARS-CoV-2's in Deer Study

Correction to "T.N.I.I.R.S."

The New Innate Immune Reprogramming Study

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OAS Lit Review / Timeline Pt. 2

Hahn vs. Trump

The Mess Francis Made

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1918, I Love You

Updates to "Thailand"

The Thailand myocarditis study, briefly

Avian flu outbreaks, Genetic code map (some media uploads)

The (Not-An) "Imprinting" Study

The Actual "Imprinting" Study

Flu: The Lost Years

Updates to "Tolerance."

Tolerance Cometh: IgG4 After Multiple-mRNA Doses

B Cells Anonymous

OAS Lit Review / Timeline Pt. 1

All Quiet on the Western Front

Omicron Origins: Summary / Spoiler

It's Probably Not an Alzheimer's Virus

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Thank You SARS, May I Have Another

Playing God, Pt 1

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Per4mance Art

The Protective Effect

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The Panera Kingdom Problem

Paxlovid's Moment of Truth

Manufacturing Emergency

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The Moderna N-Antibodies Paper

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Legal Trainwreck(!)

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Unfinished Business

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Another Dose in America

The Austria Omicron Study

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The 60 Day RNA Mystery: Spoiler / Summary

The 60 Day RNA Mystery, Pt 2

The 60 Day RNA Mystery, Pt 1

The Biobank Brain Change Study

Macaque to the Future

Interlude: "Painless" Release Weekend

Yin Yang Apartheid Distopia

The NY Kids Paper

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Shaky DNA integration study

The Moderna patent controv

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Omicron Origins, Part 2

Omicron Origins: Part 1

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Ivermectin's The Dress Moment

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The Silent, Unvaccinated, Confused Minority


I Could Have DARPED All Night

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Reinfections in Israel

Scared SCOTless

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Indiana Down

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