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Believing "vaccines never work" is a pro-vaccine position (year-end reminder)

The fall of the "Covid-19 was bacterial pneumonia" theory

The polio "reclassification" theory

Did vaccines after 1953 reduce childhood mortality?

The definitive American childhood mortality reduction graph

Modern advances in childhood mortality (1953-2003), pt. 1

299 of 300: Infectious disease in childhood in the 1950s

Diphtheria: The Forgotten Mystery

Explaining Polio, pt. 2

Explaining Polio, pt. 1

What Polio is Not

The Polio Problem

The polio toxin theory, pt. 1

"Reduced risk" is a meaningless goalpost

Against Techno - Whateverism

First they canceled for the racists...; also RE AI image anxiety

Civilization and Savagery

Poll: Will we Israel?

Messy New Pregnancy Preprint

The Hep B vax HIV origin theory, pt. 3

The Hep B vax HIV origin theory, pt. 2

IgG4 and T Cells

The Hep B vax HIV origin theory, pt 1.5

The Hep B vax HIV Origin theory, pt 1

Post-mRNA IgG4 does not raise overall IgG4

The Mysteriousness of Conspiracy

Rehidden Figures

Update to the case against bacterial co-infection

Repeating the case against bacterial coinfection (CSA)

We should not have jury trials anymore

But how would that stop crime

Unseeing liberalism, pt. 1

The "science" of IQ

Is Critical Theory Real

Bronze Age... Ennui?

Yes, "Against the Eugenicons"

Deck Chairs on the Demise of the Mazoozoo Race

Obama, Avatar of the Gilded Age

Physics: ICR, Speed of Light Goes You

Steelmanning Natural Origin

The lab leak addiction

Understanding the free speech paradox

Spare me your idiotic free speech pearl-clutching

The Nuclear Video Truther Problem

The New, Improved Sacrifice Society

Reflections on a gilded age

American Awakening: Recalling the Holocaust

The Forgetting of the Holocaust

Introduction to the post-60s Holocaust Revival

Transed and Nationless: The Post-Hitler West: 1

Follow-up to "The Danger of AI"

The Danger of AI Comes Down to an Obvious Problem

Science is a Government with No Human Representatives

Making something better doesn't determine that it was intolerably or even substantially bad

Moderna-induced super-IgG4 in Macaques

RE IgG4 and cancer, autoimmunity

"It's not actually just turtles, and also it's good that it's just turtles"

Follow-up to "cytokine storm is not real"

DIY Virus Editing - The Easy Way

The "cytokine storm is not real" study

Ecohealth is back in Bat Virus Business

This Week in Notes, May 1 - May 7

The lil'est pandemic: Global excess deaths by region

Indifference to Threats as Status Symbol

Poll, musings on Jordan Neely death

IgG4 passed to newborns in Covid-vaccinated mothers

This week in notes

Double children's asthma emergencies in England?

Ask for your money back on OAS

Making Notes

Banning nursing home visitors: premeditated?

Nursing homes, 2020 - pt. 1

Validating LNP's role in mRNA vaccine biodistribution

The third IgG4 / tolerance study, briefly

The Origin of Lockdowns

Defending the case against a WIV origin

Explosive Huanan findings, revealed: Raccoon dog DNA at same place as... raccoon dogs.

Why “serious” scientists do not buy lab leak

Clarifying SARS-CoV-2, pt. 1

Checking back on US cardiac deaths

"Masks don't work" is also a concession

What is More Pro-Vaccine than claiming vaccine X "doesn't work?"

Updates to "Efficacy by Procrastination"!

Efficacy by Procrastination?

The Immortal Unvaccinated Problem

Vax + Pregnancy Updates / Study Review

ONS Ball

Basics of phylogenetic forensics.

TASD Contents; On severe efficacy denialism

Tolerance and severe disease, pt. 3

Tolerance and severe disease, pt. 2

The "Fog of Biowarfare"

The Myth of Secondary Infection (in Covid-19)

Tolerance and severe disease, pt. 1

(Over-) Complexity in Conspiracy

On PCR Fidelity

Updates to "invincible imprinting," Kirsch survey

The American Unvaccinated Holocaust

Solution to the Steve Kirsch Survey Proof

Why Oppositional Science Cannot Exist

The Pfizer Denial

Is Gain of Function Real

On Turbo Aging

Lab Leak Op Confirmed

The No Severe Efficacy in Kids Study, Briefly

Myocarditis And Bolus Theory

Omicron infections might be of little help with the IgG4 problem

The Worry Window Is Not Real Post, Pt. 2

The Worry Window Is Not Real Post, Pt. 1

Updates to "Pfizer Didn't Know What the Shots Do in the Body"

Pfizer Did Not Know What the Covid Vaccines Actually Do in the Body

It Will Always Be Catch-Up Effect

Tolerance Replicated: Moderna Über Alles

"Covid cases" vs. middle aged excess deaths - 25 most populous US states

American excess mortality does not reflect Covid vaccine harms (yet)

Struggling to make sense of the egm ONS post

DVD Extras: The machines behind Unglossed

A Cardiologist Explains Why The Covid Vaccine Could Not Cause Damar Hamlin's Cardiac Arrest

The Germany "Impaired Immunity" Study

Tolerance (Maims and) Kills - Potential Examples