For the first time, the statements from experts are starting to get scary.

I spent February and the first half of March, 2020 in the Bay Area, which at the time was believed to be ground zero for the Virus in the US, or ground zero “b” if one is fair to Seattle. New York quickly took over the stage, but there was no reason for me to believe I wasn’t “in danger.” I still went to eat at open, but struggling restaurants; still walked up and down Telegraph Hill on the way from North Beach to the newly relocated, now only slightly filthy Financial District Planet Fitness; still engaged with dozens of strangers daily. As far as I was concerned, I couldn’t catch and get over the Virus fast enough, and neither could everyone else. This was just Swine Flu 2.0, a media ratings grab, and soon we would snap out of it.

The Virus was not scary then. It wasn’t scary after. It still isn’t scary now. Absent the failed vaccines, absent therapies, absent mitigation, we could have let it rip through and the worst case scenario would have been a death rate similar to the status quo in the West in the late 20th Century. So? Trump may have sabotaged the message before and after, but for one brief moment at the end of March, he had it exactly right. This was just another flu.

So it’s only recently, as the media and their elite expert handlers have begun to preview and develop their “Dark Winter” narrative, that I have greeted the predictions of disaster appearing on the news with anything other than a spiritual middle finger (imagine me adding something to the list of foods I no longer bother to refrigerate every time the media announces another 50,000 deaths “milestone,” and you’ll get the idea). Things are different this time. Aside from a few previews delivered by The Asylum at the end of summer,1 the first hint of what is to come was both the most subtle and the most alarming: The back-handed warning issued by Ralph Baric’s study on Molnupiravir, which seeds a narrative that I think will eventually be used to explain away cancers resulting from the Covid vaccines.2

Now it’s getting worse.

The Dark Winter Pandemic Expansion Pack is not limited to new Covid vaccine harm features, of course. It also includes the media/elite’s effort to consolidate their influence on whichever of their Believers haven’t already been turned off by the declaration of Covid Vaccine Failure, by hyping Covid Vaccine Failure to ever greater scales of disaster. An obscure government official appearing in a The Failing New York Times podcast last Friday, for example, announced that the double-Covid-vaccinated are being hospitalized for severe Covid-19 at higher and higher rates: A result of their turpitude in not promptly seeking out a booster, the official implied.3

This despite the fact that the CDC has made it deliberately impossible to collect accurate stats on how many Covid-vaccinated Americans are being hospitalized for Covid-19, by relying on a network of healthcare providers that have been self-reporting implausible rates since the summer. But even using that likely poisoned data, one cannot conclude that rates of hospitalization among the “Covid vaccinated” are suddenly trending up - because the figures are months out of date:

Nor could one use the CDC’s somewhat more recently-updated “Covid deaths” data to conclude there is cause for alarm, as the (again, unreliable) absolute rates are trending down, not up:

All of these figures are collected from select local US health systems that have been increasingly elusive with their data, appending online dashboards with notifications that updates are suspended until the authorities can “review methods,” and “age-adjusting” rates wherever possible.4

Clumsily side-stepping this problem, the interviewed obscure government official instead referred to data from Israel as the pretext for his warning that efficacy against hospitalization and deaths is on the wane:

[Fauci:] And if you look at Israel, which has always been a month to a month-and-a-half ahead of us in the dynamics of the outbreak, in their vaccine response and in every other element of the outbreak. They are seeing a waning of immunity, not only against infection, but against hospitalizations and to some extent, death, which is starting to now involve all age groups. It isn’t just the elderly.

Is that so? Well, let’s check the Israel dashboard, which now includes individuals with 2 doses in the “Fully vaccinated” category for the first 6 months (along, of course, with the triple-dosed), and describes “Partially vaccinated” as only those with 2 doses after 6 months, and no booster. With manual translations as always, since the buttons are sticky in Chrome:5

The end times are at hand!

Deaths, meanwhile, have dwindled among the “partially” vaccinated group in the wake of the roll-out of triple doses and the vanishing of the summer wave.6 Note that these results are extra impressive given that case rates are now so low in Israel - implying a greater hazard for false positives. The compensation for this disadvantage may lie in a mis-calculation of the rates for the “unvaccinated,” as seems to also be at play in the recent UK data (where the error seems to fall in the other direction, further disadvantaging the Covid vaccines).

Regardless of the accuracy of these stats, they, like the figures from the CDC, fail to support any alarm that severe efficacy is waning, and triple-dosing is necessary. Fauci is just fabricating nonsense to advance a pre-scripted narrative.7 “Get thine booster, or The Virus will smite thee in anger.”

And, one breath later, of course: “It doesn’t matter, because the unvaccinated will make The Virus smite thee in anger anyway.”8

But of course, it is not some fear of having to eat crow over my prediction of durable severe outcomes efficacy that has made the Dark Winter narrative so scary. In tandem with the misleading expert declaration that the double-Covid-vaccinated are essentially walking around with “empty tanks,” the Dark Winter narrative has aggressively seeded warnings about the types of “non-Virus” events the experts expect to define the coming months: Fuel shortages (as neatly foreshadowed by the term itself), supply chain disruptions galore, and rampant death among the young.

As highlighted by Mathew Crawford at Rounding the Earth,9 this messaging trend represents the flip-side of the rampant use of psychological projection among those instrumental or intuitively aligned with the Pandemic Agenda, whose mouthpiece is the mainstream media: Not only can the “enemy” be retroactively blamed for that of which the “self” is guilty, but future revelations of crime can be confessed in advance. Crawford then ominously shares a meme from instagram account “synchronicity1111” which highlights all the overt warnings the “self” has recently projection-confessed in advance:

The most worrying of those, of course, being the closer. Just what is it that the “self” knows about heart disease among newborns?

Note that this future problem isn’t being blamed on infection with SARS-CoV-2 during pregnancy; the Virus, after all, is not the outlet the “self” has chosen for the confessions portion of the Dark Winter narrative.

The only account that fits this story within the overall pattern is that the Covid vaccination of expectant mothers is to blame for the trend; this is also the most plausible based on what is known so far about outcomes from infection10 and of the generic “heart-bad-ness” of directly injecting the script that codes for the spike protein. Meanwhile, second-hand rumors and anecdotes have been spreading that support a trend of infant deaths following birth. Whether because of these rumors or expectations of how the injections will impact the unborn, the “self” seems to endorse at least the possibility of such a trend which must be explained away in advance by invoking, what else, the symbolic representation of the modern fall of man: “Forget it, Jake. It’s Climate Change.”

The final new feature promised by the Dark Winter narrative is a Second Virus. Here, as with the first virus, I offer the media/elite my middle finger. Smallpox and Marburgvirus are the two apparent leading candidates. I propose the reader familiarize themselves with the history of both, to minimize vulnerability to any future psy-ops designed to provoke panic. For an appraisal of our inflated collective memory of the hazard of smallpox, I recommend Colleen Huber’s tidy review of the research presented in Dissolving Illusions:11

The sanitary committee claimed that “smallpox is one of the least troublesome diseases with which they have to deal.”   The Leicester Minister of Health and physician C. Killick Millard MD, DSc observed:  “Now nearly two-thirds of the children born are not vaccinated.  Yet smallpox mortality has also declined until now quite negligible.”

As for Marburgvirus, I may divert some research time to the bug (I’ve been busy with the incredibly complicated history of the polio epidemic all month), but suffice it to say that my intuition is that if either Marburgvirus or Ebola were going to cause a worldwide plague, they would have done so by now - and for thousands of years before their discovery, as well. Neither has happened.

The next Pandemic™ will be exactly as artificial and overblown as the current one. Hopefully the Believers will have grown tired of living in fear by then. There’s nothing else that can save them.


See Gottlieb, Scott. “A Second Major Seasonal Virus Won’t Leave Us Any Choice.” (2021, September 12.) and Wu, Katherine. Yong, Ed. Zhang, Sarah. “Six Rules That Will Define Our Second Pandemic Winter.” (2021, September 20.) The Atlantic.


See “Doppelgänger.”


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One source the CDC tracker uses is the King County (Seattle) data (https://kingcounty.gov/depts/health/covid-19/data/vaccination-outcomes.aspx):

This data entered a partial freeze on October 13:

As of a recent update, the King County dashboard has emerged from its “methods review” chrysalis, and now uses a flat 5% “unvaccinated” rate to calculate per-100k case, hospitalization, and death rates. This was to correct for the outlandishly high rates among the unvaccinated that were resulting from the likely failure to properly record vaccination status among all hospitalizations and deaths. For example, the current trend is that “only 40%” of deaths are among the “Covid vaccinated”:

Applying a realistic rate of Covid-vaccine uptake for the elderly in King County to such an unlikely percentage would produce, of course, the same type of outlandish relative rates that feature in the CDC tracker. King County has bravely “corrected” this by discounting overall uptake by setting the 5% “unvaccinated” baseline for all groups (See the linked appendix (pdf)). The result is a slightly less unrealistic relative rate:

This implies that (.4 x 95) / (6.62 x 5 + .4 x 95) = 53% of deaths among the elderly are “Covid vaccinated.” At 80% “death efficacy” and overall 99% Covid-vaccination rate, the figure should be closer to (.2 x 99) / (1 x 1 + .2 x 99) = 94%.

However, as I proposed last week, a disproportionate tendency to attack the self-declared unvaccinated with the PCR Test + Do Nothing + Remdesivir + Ventilator pathway (while not PCR-testing the self-declared Covid-vaccinated to begin with) means that the given percentages might be accurate after all. See the controversial “Invisible Apocalypse.”


See https://datadashboard.health.gov.il/COVID-19/general. From the ever-evolving manual (Chrome-translated):

This phrasing implies that the 1st-dosed are no longer represented in the dashboard (as was already the case in the September verbiage, which led me at the time to speculate that these individuals are actually counted as “unvaccinated”; see “Dashboard Divinations, take 5”).


With the rollout itself potentially driving a momentary up-trend in “partially vaccinated” deaths. See “Dashboard…” again.


Still, it’s of interest that Fauci did not elect to cite the UK data in support of his update to Covid Vaccine Failure. Perhaps this would have created too many headaches for the Fact Checkers, who would have to weave his affirmation of the validity of the (probably inaccurate) severe outcome rate comparisons from the UK with their dismissals of the same.


(Barbaro, Michael):

[Fauci] …So I think it would be a misrepresentation, Michael, to say that the vaccines don’t work. I don’t think we’ve given that the full rein to prove what it is that you need to make them work. And that’s the reason why I say, again, it’s my scientific opinion and projection that boosters will be an essential part of the protection.

[Barbaro, about to think critically about the contradictions in the previous statement but then responding to a shock delivered from the bottom of his seat, which corresponds to a glowing red sign displayed on the wall that reads, “INVITE HIM TO BLAME THE UNVACCINATED”] Where does this conversation about boosting fit in with the conversation that we’ve all been having for a long time about the unvaccinated?

[Fauci] Well, it makes the unvaccinated situation even more problematic.

[Barbaro, wincing in anticipation of coming mental anguish] Why?

[Fauci] Well, because if you have a population of individuals who are vulnerable to infection, with no protection from a vaccine, you give the virus ample opportunity to circulate, to infect even through breakthrough infections vaccinated people. And you give it the opportunity to mutate to possibly develop into a new problematic variant.

[Barbaro, smiling through gritted teeth as a wave of despair crashes into his brain] Got it.


Crawford, Mathew. “The Art of Gaslighting: Confession Through Projection.” (2021, November 17.) Rounding the Earth.


As last reviewed in “Saving Private mRNAyn.” The CDC tracker also includes updated information about outcomes to infection during pregnancy, which I have yet to parse. Meanwhile, the CDC-aligned V-Safe Pregnancy Registry study has mysteriously not been updated since September, and that update excluded outcomes beyond the 20-week miscarriage risk window (though results within the risk window were still encouraging; see Zauche, L. et al. “Receipt of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines and Risk of Spontaneous Abortion.”)


Huber, Colleen. “Catastrophic Vaccines: This is not the first one, Part One.” (2021, September 26.) The Defeat of COVID.