What about when you look at TOTAL non-COVID deaths, before versus after the vaccine rollout? There does seem to be a concerning post-vaccine increase (links below). Restricting to only cardiac / circulatory deaths could be misleading because of the phenomenon of actual cardiovascular deaths being classified under the victim's underlying conditions instead (I have seen this happen with my own eyes, and I'm not the only one), which would very conveniently "muddy the waters" around a rise in cardiovascular deaths itself. Therefore, looking at total non-COVID deaths is much more reliable.

Perhaps more importantly, it would be a mistake to regard "CDC data" as completely trustworthy. You'll probably be interested in these documents: the initial CDC death data report for 2021 stated a death rate of 841.6 https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/71/wr/mm7117e1.htm, but then they quietly corrected it 8 months later to 879.7 https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/databriefs/db456.pdf, which is a ~5% discrepancy and corresponds to >100,000 omitted deaths among the U.S. population. Regardless, the 2021 numbers don't look good at all for the vaccine because the 2020 age-adjusted rate was 835.4, and even subtracting COVID deaths, the remaining excess in 2021 corresponds to ~80,000 excess non-COVID deaths compared to 2020. But I would wager that even the "corrected" 2021 numbers aren't revealing the entire bad news. Remember that the Pfizer and Moderna gold-standard RCTs did show a 16% increase in non-COVID deaths with vaccine vs. placebo, and if I had to bet my life on it, this absolutely was NOT "just a fluke" when taking all the other evidence into account.

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Very true on a generalized high death rate, but they have been trending to fewer deaths per 1000 for years (as countries generally do when they begin climbing out from third world status). That paper makes sense. Leave a virus alone and you predominantly get three primary curves followed by true

endemicity--unlike the vaccinated western world now. Check out this death rate by year curve and you can see that Covid doesn't seem to have had an impact. https://www.macrotrends.net/countries/NGA/nigeria/death-rate. And ya gotta love those U.N. projections too...so climate-esc.

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I wish someone would explain the Covid and excess deaths from Afrian countries of Nigeria, Niger, etc. If Covid is causing deaths and then heart attacks, which I do believe it is here, why isn't it happening in those countries? It's not Vitamin D as they have been tested as relatively low in the recent past. They were, however, very late on starting the mRNA experiment (the sweet spot appears to be low vaccination rates prior to or going into the Delta wave).

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hmmmm. stepping back, if the spike protein is the bad part of SC2, and thus causing illness and these circulatory deaths, then my first thought would be that the spike-only vax would encourage more of those problems. Are there any suggestions here regarding the role that the nucleocapsid is playing in either direct harm or "turbo-charging" of the spike that would create more of a viral infection circulatory problem than a vax circulatory problem?

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Why would US give a rival military super power the most advanced biowarfare technology in human history? They likely have every virus on earth aerosolized at this point, thousands of gallons, ready to deploy at any time. And we're going to "war" now? The only war that's happening is against the general public worldwide.

The mad scientist video, giordano at georgetown in 2017, can give some insight. (The same podium fauci spoke at that year and told us we had a surprise pandemic coming)

Paraphrasing, "going around to different cities, get the virus onboard by permeating drinking vessels etc., create a broad ripple affect to dissolve the fiduciary between public and public health. Easier for some countries to do, that have no legal, moral or ethical rules."

US gives covid/tech to CN (no legal, moral or ethical rules, answers to no one) PLA spread it world wide. This is what I saw.


All these guys, dressed like tourists, with murder in their eyes, early jan 2020. Loves truck stop, green river utah. (call em up, and other truck stops in the area, all you journalists out there. See if any employees were there around that time) Handful of tour buses full.

There were plenty of videos online at the beginning of this shit, "tourists" systematically walking through electronics stores intentionally wiping their hands on all the displays, one, to the next one 5 seconds later, to the next display 5 seconds later. I wonder what they were wiping on the displays? Touch infected display, buy a bag of chips, walk out and you're eating lab strain covid.

Can't find any of these videos now. Somehow memory holed. Didn't google build CN's hightech slave apparatus? Thousands of mobile execution vans dispatched to harvest the organs of the wrong thinkers? Sounds like a fun place.

Anyway, I got got. Five people per isle in a small truck stop, if there was a box with 20 snickers, the person would cough on their hands, pick up 20 snickers bars, rub them all down and then move to the next item. Chex mix? Gotta cough all over my hands and wipe all those down too.

All you could hear was coughing in the joint. 100 people all coughing, rubbing down everything. Made my way to the soda dispenser, which each nozzle was being fingered by a military operator, was about to start filming but I thought you know, I'm just going to take a leak, buy my gas and get the hell out of here. Walk to the restroom, 3 military operators walking out coughing, take a leak and come out 2 minutes later. Everyone gone.

Asked the clerk, what the hell was that? They said no clue, they didn't even buy anything. Passed the buses five miles down the road.

Gotta be thousands of hours of cctv footage of this shit out there. Not really going to matter in the end, but there it is. "tourists" spreading this shit everywhere. Thanks US. Thanks CN.

All this is, is a global gang initiation. CN was living in the stone age 50 years ago, US conv. oil peaked 1970, US then built CN energy infrastructure from scratch and started exporting manufacturing to slave labor to keep the gravy train running. Couple gov bed fellows..

Global conv. oil supply entered permanent decline in 2008. We'd all already be dead by now if it weren't for shale. Bought us 15 more years of life. Drilling 5 mile wells through the hardest rocks, all at a financial loss, miles of tubing per well, miles of cement, exploding said rocks, pumping in 100's of tankers trucks full of fracking fluiding into the well to displace the oil, separate it above ground. For a 2 year well...

Shales finishing right now. The game's already over.

We've had a continuously growing energy supply for centuries (energy = economic growth, machines powered by energy replacing human labor) Every economist on earth operates from the notion that energy is infinite. This is about to become an out dated model.

There's no more economic growth coming in your lifetimes. Try to wrap your head around that.

The covid saga starts to make a lot more sense with this information, along with 15 minute cities, "green energy" built by petroleum input, EV push even though battery minerals are already maxed out at less than 1% of vehicles, no more meat because livestock eats the majority of crops that take oil to grow every step of the way, climate change/we're all dead if we don't stop using oil even though we can no longer increase output. Legacy oil companies the biggest funders of the green movement, gets the heat off their backs. Trick the true believers in the state in order to escape any blame or accountability.

So there you have it. No more economic growth for anyone (is math still allowed?), US and CN ran covid as a pre extermination gang initiation, everyone has aids now and will be easier to kill when the energy supply really starts declining in the next few years.

The whole response worldwide, you noticed, almost every country ran the CN central gov protocol. Nothing based on anything helpful. Everything based on harm and domination. This is the model for humanity in the post growth world. A giant global politburo chosing who lives and who dies, in the post growth world where there's no jobs and no economy and uncontrollable crime. Well, I guess one could control it with biowarfare perhaps.

I hope the mad scientists all get set in stocks in the public square, just for fun, as we head into collapse and then die. But I wouldn't bet on it. Guaranteed we're all going to get dusted by progressively worse lab souvenirs shortly.

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The vaccine and the virus are the two delivery systems of the same biological weapon. While both can be deadly, together there is a synergistic effect. Each will lay charges (spike protein antigen SPA) throughout your system. In a subset of people these charges ( SPA) persist. A subsequent infection or inoculation lights the fuse and the resulting wave of antibodies produced directs the targeting of the immune army against the dormant foreign intruders residing in various tissues and organs (including the heart) , which become collateral damage.

Mind you, in not everyone does SPA persist or is present in enough quantity to cause noticeable harm. Why that is requires more investigation. Vaccine dose variability and immune system differences between individuals no doubt plays a role

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So what you are saying is vax not likely to be killing people but it did not stop people dying from virus, is that right?

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