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Great update!

As I see it, long Covid has two meanings; the first of course being Covid post viral syndrome which isn't actually Covid.... but the second is the fear propaganda narrative that was spun up mid '21 to scare people into getting themselves and their children vaxxed regardless of medical need, and where breakthrough infections were starting to destroy the prior narrative of 'saving grandma'.

Like infection and many other supposed benefits, promoting the vaxx to address long covid is an off-label use not tested in clinical trials. Apparently pharma companies are forbidden to advertise off-label use for their products in the USA, but politicians/media/activists/public heath can do that for them - for freeee!

A quick random search turns up this recent study:


Haven't time to wade through it, but Table 2 does seem to suggest long covid is more common in post vaxx infections - am I missing something? Also the text says: "Most previous studies assessed pre-infection vaccination and long COVID only among people with COVID-19, thus overlooking the effect of vaccines to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection as part of the pathway to developing post-COVID-19 complications" which does sound a bit suspicious. Trouble is if overall prevention of long covid relies partly on infection prevention, what does it help if the vaxx just staves off infections 'til later - and handily just outside the study period?

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😃 thanks for my dose of sensationalism.

"Still, relative risk is not absolute risk, and the results of the study only point to a minor net negative (at least for now)." - great point.

It's concerning for sure though, probably more so if you know people who have probably been affected by the injection. My 34yo son just had a second friend in hir 30s die within a 1 year period. First one died in his sleep, the second one was jumping into a lake with some friends and never came up. My 39 yo daughter-in-law was diagnosed with a heart bundle branch problem and gets dizzy when standing up sometimes, and had strange bruises appear on her feet. 😑 I can't know for sure if all was caused by the shots, but definitely put of the ordinary.

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Hi there!

What was done to children is unbelievable! The damage, the torture, the deaths!

Thank you for addressing this subject.

I wanted to offer a different perspective on COVID. This is by now means the single source of information but it definitely compiled information in an excellent way:


Hope it will be helpful!

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We are facing some serious horrors in 2024, but we'll also make great strides in response. Actually, more and more we are moving to offense rather than defense. We win this thing with words. Check out my new word, coincidist, describing people who blame medical harm on coincidence. Coincidism is a filthy thing that goes right along with fascism and communism. We counter coincidism not only with solid science, but also with creativity, humor and love.


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In Germany children aged 6-9 only started dying of U07.1+J96.00 after they were issued a recommendation. It's VMED occurring in individuals who become infected around the time they receive the first dose. Both vaccine critics and proponents alike seem to have a very hard time acknowledging that.

Here is a chart representing U07.1+ARD deaths in 6-9 year old hospitalized German individuals:


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Please refrain from spreading malinformation. The latest quadrivalent vaccine shows 98.73% efficacy in protecting against life

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Non-medical person here, but I guess I wouldn’t expect to find a lot of Long Covid in kids for a variety of reasons. It sort of seemed to be trending with adults with already long term health issues, many based on inflammation disorders like arthritis, auto-immune, or muscular illnesses. Maybe it will take time for young people to get a flare up, but it might not be inconceivable that in 20 years, some of these vaccinated youths end up with some form of a long term auto-immune illnesses that may or may not be properly linked back to the covid jabs. So many things will depend on how well we find ways to remove the spike protein from people and then there’s the perkier issues of SV40, frame shifting, IgG4 increases, and DNA contamination that may be transferred into cells with the LNP’s...

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