I still want to see more analysis of MHC haplotypes vs infection severity!! So much money has been thrown around these last few years and so little of it has lead to constructive, actual scientific inquiry.

Citizen funded analysis and research via substack et al (you, Kevin Mc, etc, etc) has made the efforts of the "scientific" (bah so political) establishment look mediocre at best.

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Apologies for asking the bleeding obvious, but does the calculation for efficacy take into account pull-forward deaths and the likelihood (my understanding only) that viruses evolve to be milder [to leave their infectees more long-lived and transmitting vs more deadly with shorter victim lives and thus less chance of transmitting]?

To test this you'd need:

1. comorbidity data for deaths (we sometimes got some of this - avg was 2.4 for Australia, from memory)

2. virus deadliness measures (No good idea how you could measure this unless with a live virus sample injected into mice?)

If we killed chunks of the comorbid patients up front, then vaccinated the less comorbid and those lesser comorbid were infected with a milder variant, it could convincingly look like vaccine efficacy.

What potentially happened is hardier / healthier people were infected with a milder variant. Vaccine still potentially does something for comabting virus, not denying that.

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A claim that it might be Vitamin D deficiency that is causing the problems, because your immune system consumes the activated form of D3 when it creates antibodies. So, if you are low to begin with, after the gene therapy treatment you will be even lower.


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