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Here's me doubting the "South Africa Public Health hive mind"

From Pricewater Poopers website about their China Desk in South Africa:

"China, which is also the largest trade partner of South Africa, further indicates that the trade and investment relationship and activities between the two countries are closely intertwined.

In keeping with the trend and to address the needs of our clients, PwC South Africa has established a dedicated China Desk staffed with Mandarin speaking professionals, to organise and coordinate expertise across PwC South Africa, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore so as to add value to our clients’ businesses."


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The endless BS is tiring. I’m still shocked how many buy it.

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Ah yes, the OLD "you can get reinfected with this weird modern magic virus" trope. We debunked that one within 2 weeks in 2020 when the Samsung contact tracing app was shown to be buggy and was duplicate-counting priors on delay. Nobody in Korea was ever re-infected, but by then the media fell in love with it and ran with that meme. Now they are trying the Old Playbook with Omicron for one last hurrah. (Please let it be the last.) If true, can we predict what will be the next agitprop talking point? I will predict: "You really shouldn't take ibuprofen for Omicron."

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Fun fact, Delta Omicron is an anagram of Media Control.

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