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Isn't there an obvious confounder that vaccinated kids will be from families that are more likely to think covid and long covid are terrible dreadful diseases, and induce "long covid" through something like Munchausen's by proxy?

I've only really met 1 person who told me they had long covid, and it was absolutely clear that, for them at least, it was a pure mental health condition brought on by the overwhelming fear in the media she consumed (plus, presumably, some sort of psychological predisposition).

Covid was her life, she was obsessed with it - and of course commensurately highly jabbed. She told me that 11 out of 12 of her friends who got covid got long covid, which is clearly absurd one way or another.

Any child in her household would have certainly been a) jabbed to the hilt, and b) at far greater risk of reporting long covid because of her mental state.

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Yet another paper in which the authors go to great pains to bury the lede, which is that vaccinated kids who get COVID are 78% more likely to later receive a Long COVID diagnosis than are unvaccinated kids.

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We win this thing with words. Check out my new word, coincidist, describing people who blame medical harm on coincidence. Coincidism is a filthy thing that goes right along with fascism and communism. We counter coincidism with creativity, humor and love.


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