If he's not an 'op' he sure is acting like one.

I got pushed a SP interview by a friend about the 'proof' of graphene oxide in the jibbety-jabs.

Stew spent the first 10 minutes talking up the credentials of his female guest. Then she proceeded to 'prove' there was GO in the jabs by pulling up the webpage of a supplier to pfizer. She showed one page where they advertised their lipid nanoparticle product. Then she switched to a DIFFERENT page that showed a different product they sold, which was graphene oxide.

That's like pulling up the webpage of a bakery, selecting the page advertising their jelly donuts. Then switching to the page advertising their croissants, and claiming that proves that the bakery's croissants contain jelly. Yes it's that stupid, and nobody in the comments caught it.

That simple deception was covered by a bunch of fluff about how big the words were, and qualified this lady was. Stew never questioned her about what pages she was showing.

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May 1, 2022Liked by Brian Mowrey

Those inclined to think the spike was produced in a lab?

Well, when patents are taken for lentivirus/HIV fragments inclusions, it's hard to argue against.

Especially when some inclusions are for 159 codons that are "unknown" (I'm just saying but how about some unknown/not so unknown peptides as Dr Ardys is prone to mention).


As for Remdesivir it is now tentatively approved in infants and given to outpatients: with massive financial incentives. It's now basically immediately after paxlovid.

Its toxicity is found in the princeps ebola studies: 30% renal failure at 5 days and 50% mortality at 9 days. Duh.

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Apr 17, 2022Liked by Brian Mowrey

Hello!i'm french :)

, it was very hard for me to read all the studies, follow dr ardis talk in his videos with american jurnalists , without missing any detail, but i have good english..

but my first LOGICAL reaction to the study that is supposed to ' prove' snake venom" is in covid patients( sorry , but 20 patients is not a proof either ) , and that DR Ardis takes as the main evidence for it , was exactly the same as yours :

here are the studies:



ONE enzyme in humans with covid ' disease' PCR TEST , LOOKING LIKE venom , is not a proof , first because venom is made of at least 50 enzymes not just ONE

2 ) NATURALLY this enzyme is occuring in the human body( its in the study ) and IF produced too much ( for defense against a bacteria or a toxin? whic toxic? could it be graphene, or a parasite? ) can become toxic , but this study SHOWS , that you dont need real snake venom from OUTSIDE to get these High level PLA2 enzymes, in your body.

and dont FORGET STH , that for me is the very doubtious part about this trending video ( 3 millions viewers , with NO CRITIC OR THINKING ) and that is this:

WHY DR ardis, Jane Ruby, stew peter, mike adams etc..... are now suddenly OBLIVIOUS about graphene oxyde proven to be in all jabs with assembling nano network in the body of millions , of nano emettors receptors, nano tech parasites ,assembling themselves, AI technologie for internet of bodies , bluetooth mac codes emitted by""vaccinated"" people, magnetic bodies by millions and Klaus Schwab, Harrari , Bill Gates talk all the time about ' merging man with AI and nano technology for their GREAT RESET )

all this is an extremely advanced nano tech, luciferian tech,from :Gates , Schwab,Ray Kurzweil, graphene flagship , Human brain project, Genome Project, DARPA, link to 5G towers , EMF remote control of DNA and nano network :for total control of the Host..

all this bio tech, and its elements are now PROVEN true world wide by eminent scientists and analysis that stew peter , and Jane Ruby and Mike Adams showed to the public a few weeks ago !and 2 scientists were killed for revealing it !

so WHY ARE THEY NOW NOT TALKING ABOUT iT anymore or at least RELATE it to the' snake poison" theory even if this last one could be 'true'

ok : its here also :"Researchers from the University of Arizona, in collaboration with Stony Brook University and Wake Forest School of Medicine, analyzed blood samples from two COVID-19 patient cohorts and found that circulation of the enzyme – secreted phospholipase A2 group IIA, or sPLA2-IIA, – may be the most important factor in predicting which patients with severe COVID-19 eventually succumb to the virus.

The sPLA2-IIA enzyme, which has similarities to an active enzyme in rattlesnake venom, is found in low concentrations in HEALTHY individuals and has long been known to play a critical role in defense against bacterial infections, destroying microbial cell membranes."

DR ARDIS is not scientific at all in his 'method' of taking "evidences" from studies he does'nt even READ entirely.

" A cat eat pigeons, pigeons have wings, so cat get wings' ... its as scientific as that !

3 ) this is the technologie PROVEN to be in the vials, all of them . Graphene oxyde sheets one atom thick are nano razors, they shred membranes, blood vessels and brain hemato encephalic membrane , nano graphene gives heart attacks, AVC, loss of taste and smell, neurological loss , attack on the lungs and all organs . thats SCIENCE:


is this enough for Dr Ardis to understand the PROVEN graphene technologies really involved , match =

1 )the biological effects of so called covid 19 ' virus' and ' so called ' vaxxines'

2 ) THE AI GREAT RESET 4TH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION GOAL of Klaus Schwab, Harrari and BILL GATES for INTERNET OF BODIES AND total smart grid interconnecte with the human body and Brain , and that FREQUENCIES are HALF OF THE WEAPON.

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Maybe you could explain how otherwise healthy people are getting sick with “Covid-19”, even though they haven’t been vaccinated and are taking all the recommended prevention and early treatment vitamins, C 2000mg, D3 10,000iu, Zinc 50mg, MultiVitamin mineral, Quercetin 1000mg and Cinchona Bark 600mg daily. And not going out into public except when necessary. One thing Dr Ardis did not mention was the Graphene Oxide in the Covid shots which is the liquid metal that is self assembling, like a serpent, the Graphene particles are 0.1nm thick (thinner than the edge of a razor blade and 50nm long… these serpent like structures are coursing through the circulator system of everyone who received the CV-19 shots. Why the huge rush to get these jabs into the arms of everyone in the world without proper testing, why celebrities are pushing shots, why are prizes, chances to win a million dollars and donuts, fries, prostitutes being given to take the shots, why so many shots, why so many new drugs for health issues that hadn’t been heard of in a long time (AIDS for one).On TV every commercial is about a new drug or injection and why the censorship of any mention of any buzz words that go against the narrative of the Deep State, democrats, Rhinos and supporting liberals, why an open border is all of a sudden acceptable, why’s the gov’t paying farmers to destroy crops, why’s grain supplies being cut off from ranchers, causing them to prematurely slaughter cattle, why’s fertilizer all of a sudden in short supply, why’s inflation through the roof, why’s the economy jumped off the tallest mountain around…humanity and the economy are free-falling to their deaths… I think we have beyond ample reason to assume the worst of intentions from those pushing all the narratives…”THE DEEP STATE” are the “They’s”. I didn’t even mention election theft, pushing for war in Ukraine, BioWeapons labs, The Biden Crime family, Hunter’s laptop from hell! How many coincidences does it take to get people thinking critically? They (DEEP STATE OLIGARCHS) are without a doubt trying to kill as much of humanity as possible! Wake up America, use the brain for the purpose for which God intended and gave it … think…think…look at the big picture… everything fits together the biggest jigsaw puzzle ever created! The true evil of the world Ashkenazi Khazarian’s… prove me wrong! People should spend more time trying to prove a theory correct and less trying to cast doubt on the “Conspiracy Theories” by the way… the only conspiracy theory left is… JFK Jr. is alive…

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Brian, I am working on a follow-up that will discuss the "19 snake peptides" found in that study "Toxin-like peptides in plasma, urine and faecal samples from COVID-19 patients" - my take, correct me if I am wrong:

The study mentioned "Toxin-like peptides, almost identical to toxic components of venoms from animals, like conotoxins, phospholipases, phosphodiesterases, zinc metal proteinases, and bradykinins, were identified in samples from COVID-19 patients, but not in control samples."

Toxin-LIKE peptides...it seems these are SIMILAR to those found in snakes are not LITERAL snake peptides...so...not the same thing? What exactly are they?

As in the case of sPLA2-II, which works as an antibiotic at lower concentrations and is found naturally in the human body, could these peptides have a benign purpose an only become toxic at high concentrations?

The study authors mention in a comment that more research needs to be done because this does not prove that these peptides are due to COVID-19 vs. some other process, and the same peptides could be involved in other disease processes as well.

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So... I am watching the video and am now thinking of creating my own post. There's quite a lot to say about the lack of information here- actually quite shocking for a 1 hour (more like 40ish minutes) interview!

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Great post, Brian. Very thorough and well cited. Appreciate this so much.

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Apr 14, 2022Liked by Brian Mowrey

pure controlled op FUD

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Also venom taken orally is largely non toxic, barring an open wound in the mouth or a gastric ulcer. Venom is toxic when INJECTED, not when INGESTED.

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I did two video rebuttals of Ardis' theory from the angles of clinical presentation of patients and his lack of realization that if it were in the drinking water, everyone in a household would become ill. Infants dependent solely on water for their formula would be dying at a high clip. (Just to name a few issues.)

Part 1


Part 2


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Dr. Ardris has a problem. Venom causes a loss of vein integrity, causing flows of blood under the skin. The salient presentation of COVID-19 is CLOTTING! Heparin became treatment of choice for acute patients in ERs from the beginning. Until he can address that fatal flaw in his theory, the rest slides with it.

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Thank you for your perspective and outlining all the details, and the strengths and weaknesses of is snake venom claims. I appreciate it! 👏💕

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When I get to adding a FRINGE page to my https://NoSearch.org website I am working on, he might get a spot. I was glad I watched the video, interesting for sure, but I’m a tougher sell, he was all over and needed to hyper focus one or two compelling ideas.

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Apr 13, 2022Liked by Brian Mowrey

~45 million people in the USA get their water from their own private wells, which would be quite difficult to contaminate with snake venom peptides. If snake venom peptides are what causes Covid, these people should be pretty much immune. Are they?

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Apr 13, 2022·edited Apr 13, 2022Liked by Brian Mowrey

Stew Peters, like Alex Jones, loses me when he gets into spiritual war stuff, but I tend to view he and Alex as the most fringe, so I enjoy listening to get the full spectrum of possibilities. Before the Trump debacle and pandemic, I wouldn't have believed much of what either of them said, but now I find there to be somewhere around 75% truth within their stories.

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Apr 12, 2022Liked by Brian Mowrey

Thank you for saving me the time of watching this myself. Your analysis makes sense - while the "snake venom in the water" theory seems a bit of a stretch. Well, a huge stretch!

Clinical case study (n=1): I contracted covid about 2 months ago, lost my sense of smell and taste temporarily, recovered (with the help of various non-pharmaceutical interventions). I never drink tap water, only filtered water - and peptides are fairly large molecules which would be filtered out by a system that filters fluoride (which mine is).

And the same argument applies as applies to dosing people fluoride via tap water: you can't control the dose. Some people drink very little tap water, others drink a lot. It's not actually a very good delivery system unless you just want to poison people at random and create chaos.

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