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The OPV trial in the Belgian Congo is the most likely source of HIV. They used chimpanzee sera to amplify the vaccine, which was then given to over a million people. A few years later, the first case of AIDS emerged exactly at the epicenter of these trials.

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Thank you for addressing this article. It was head bangingly frustrating, particularly the circular argument involving the assumed safety of old vaccines that have not undergone RCTs and then the quoting of RCTs as proof that the vaccines are safe. Also Incredibly frustrating in the comments (I can’t recall if this was also in the article ) was the premise that it is ‘unethical’ to use a placebo as you are withholding life saving vaccines from the control group. This is the same nonsense that was used as justification for the vaccination of the covid vax control group. They make out that a vaccine control group is at the same risk as someone in, say for example, a diabetes drug trial. This is patent nonsense; there is a valid argument for giving someone with diabetes a potentially life saving drug, but for vaccines you are dealing with otherwise healthy individuals in a trial whose risk of adverse effects from catching the disease they are maybe being vaccinated against is vanishingly small. There should be totally different standards for drug vs vaccine trials - it’s a nonsensical comparison. It was hard not to comment on the rubbish in the article but the comments section was brutal and I just don’t have time for stupid people.

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I know this is tangential to your post. I was born in 1954 when, presumably, the polio freakout was in full swing. I did have an uncle who had to wear leg braces so we were definitely aware of it.

My parents are gone and there's no one else I can ask who might remember. I wonder if I got the Salk vaccination (as you say, released in 1954) and then later on the Sabin OPV. Even at the tender age of six or seven, I remember much talk about Salk versus Sabin. I do distinctly remember them lining up every kid in my school, to get the sugar cube with the pink stain on it. It was memorable because sweets were not as pervasive then (excitement!) and sugar cubes were a novelty.

We all got measles and chickenpox as a matter of course. I never heard of anybody who died. Somehow everyone in my family escaped the mumps.

I can't help wondering if the increase in SIDS and ADHD has been at least partly a result of the increase in infant vaccinations. Seems reasonable.

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Excellent work.

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The Skeptic(TM)s at work. They got so Skeptic(TM) that a Raptor grabbed the comments.

Order your "Got Polio?" shirt now, so you, too, can belong to the club of Rational(TM) people. (optional: back side features image of Bill Nye, or Neil ofFat Tyson)

"even if given true placebos in the trial context, are still likely to receive other, previously-authorized vaccines, and this will confound any attempt to measure harms from any individual vaccine."

I have wondered about that before. What I have not wondered about is, whether manufacturers are happy about that or not. As the number of injections grows, so does, parallel to $$$$$, plausibility of deniability, as the fog gets denser.

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She focused on Placebo as its the weakest argument, although a valid one , among all those presented in the Turtle Book regarding safety.

As we saw with the COVID VACCINES using a true placebo does not guarantee detection of an unsafe vaccine since those running the trial have perfected not finding problem

And even if a particular vaccine were found to be safe on its own, it could still contribute to a cumulative adverse effect on children who receive all the recommended vaccines.

A clinical trial of a new aluminum-containing vaccine cannot identify long-term health effects caused by the gradual accumulation of aluminum in an infant’s body.

Clinical trials of vaccines typically do not report chronic syndromes and diseases, such as autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), diabetes, or cancer. These conditions develop over a period of months or years, and consequently researchers tend not to associate them with the tested vaccine even if they are diagnosed during the time frame of the clinical trial.

The lack of safety testing of the cumulative effect of vaccines during their approval process, as well as the inherent limitations of adverse event reporting systems, has not attracted the attention of the FDA or CDC.

In order to evaluate the safety of the entire vaccination program, as well as the impact of vaccines on adverse health conditions that develop in the medium and long terms, one must conduct studies comparing the health of subjects who were fully vaccinated with the health of those who were not.

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Thanks for the great article. It seems we could do actual science on vaccines and follow babies & children who have not received vaccines as the control group, versus those who have. That should be done in real time. Until then, I hope more and more parents do not inject their babies and children with pharmaceutical products. It's so unnatural to inject a newborn baby with the ingredients in those products.

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Excellent follow up!

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The Vaccinated

Have Nothing To Be Proud Of.

Start There.


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Reality has become a matter of belief not facts and/or critical reasoning.

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It's elephants all the way down =)))

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