Based on the forgoing, it it evident that some sort of injury or poisoning is NECESSARY for paralytic illness, but the polio virus insufficient, which can at worst be an opportunistic harmful invader. But no threat to healthy people in healthy environments.

So, what do people do to "prevent" the disease? Start with the injury (poisoning, injection). Not unlike training the body to produce the most uniquely harmful feature of the COVID virus, the spike protein. Brilliant!

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A few questions come to mind:

1)Is similar damage seen in proximal sensory neurons and is it also in a retrograde, in sensory neurons that would be towards the extremities, direction? If sensory neurons display the same behavior and it is also retrograde then that would be strong validation for the mechanism.

2)Is an injection required to produce this effect or would a similar wound without injected material cause a similar effect? i.e. is the effect related to the wound/wound response or to the presence of a foreign body or to the injection of foreign material which remains in the body or to something about the injected substance even if that 'something about the injected substance' is not that it contains a microbial pathogen

3)Does the material of the hypodermic needle change this effect? SS vs. plastic etc? Is there a dose response related to the volume of the injected material or proximity to nerves?

4)Is anything else known to travel this retrograde path? My limited reseach didn't turn anything up.

I realise that most of these questions don't have known answers yet and I am sure that you have already thought about most of them quite a bit more than I have.

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So if I were to follow the logic proposed it appears that there's a factor of mechanical disruption which may not be taken into account, to the extent that individuals who do become infected with polio after vaccination may have another entryway into the nervous system due to this possible puncturing? If true, I'd be curious if using cohorts such as people who have spinal taps or other invasive procedures may increase susceptibility. As a caveat I would be curious why such an otherwise minor procedure would be able to produce such levels of neural invasion, but this would be a question based on ignorance as to how many people suffer some sort of nerve damage/puncturing on a daily basis.

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Nov 17, 2023Liked by Brian Mowrey

This is fascinating! If true, does it imply that in a completely injection-naive person, the risk/reward ratio of being vaccinated against polio skews toward "not worth it", whereas in a person who's had any kind of injection or surgical procedure (or deep puncture wound perhaps?), it may be a better option?

Since the "provocation" question hasn't been asked in mainstream medicine, it's a safe bet nobody's collected intel on whether injection-naive people have gotten poliomyelitis and if so whether they have had other injuries that might accomplish the same thing as an unsterile injection... but it'd be exciting to know about that.

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Why is polio no longer a 'thing'.

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I suspect most people reading this will not be at all troubled by the fact that we conducted these horrifying experiments on animals. They are just mice... right?

Does that not align with the thinking of a psychopath? Humans are animals too -- a psychopathic murderer thinks of killing a human as most think about experimenting on and killing a mouse... or a monkey...

If the benefits of the experiments are applied to humans -- then surely the experiments should be carried out on humans.

Alternatively - don't experiment on humans or any other animals.

While on the topic of mass psychopathy ... let's watch some videos:

Industrial Farm Cruelty



Horrifying Animal Experimentation



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Nov 17, 2023Liked by Brian Mowrey

Wow! Great article and very well researched. I guess it begs the question of whether there are agents (eg Vitamin D?) that are neuro protective against this effect. However it's not as likely to get funding if it's drawing attention to an uncomfortable truth...

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Nov 17, 2023Liked by Brian Mowrey

Ok, so here’s a theory! Damage caused by tonsillectomy/ vaccine injection/ just trauma from a needle insertion causes either/or both

i) change to local microbiome so protection from polio is lost locally

ii) an immune response which attracts immune cells. If these cells just happened to be dealing with some polio then the polio gets taken to the site of injury and gets a head start on the nerve. Obviously eagerly awaiting next instalment to see what the time delay between the trauma and the increased risk of paralysis is and then need to know how long ‘healing’ an injury takes from an immune cell point of view.

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If it took us 40 years to uncover how Merck created the Heptavax using chimpanzee blood and could have contributed to the aids crisis, what could be hiding about the polio vaccines?


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Hi, Brian!

I know that you are very busy, but I thought that you might find this new study somewhat interesting: https://www.reddit.com/r/WayOfTheBern/comments/17x24sq/finally_a_scientific_paper_examines_walgreens/

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What about DDT? Heard a fair amount about that.

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