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This is in relation to another of your articles. It was one that said that there wasn't a drop in antibiotic levels prescribed. I have just come across the chart from the UK that was in a substack by Dr Paul Alexander https://palexander.substack.com/p/devastating-four-4-graphs-in-uk-that and it includes a chart (about 3/4 of the way down) showing that in the UK the actual usage of antibiotics was significantly less than the predicted amount.

I agree with our view that we really don't understand viruses much yet. This article by one of the disinformation dozen was thought provoking for me https://greenmedinfo.com/blog/how-microbiome-destroyed-ego-vaccine-policy-and-patriarchy

Regarding this particular post. I worked in a hospital 20/21 and know a lot of older people. They basically all went into hibernation and hardly any of them would have been exposed to covid until mid to late 21 or into 2022. So I do think that they just didn't catch it. But when they did it was in the period after boosters and almost everyone got it within a one month period. Same thing happened again in Dec 22.

I have an unsubstantiated theory based entirely on personal observation.

I have had covid three times (no vx) (Feb 20, Oct 21, Jun 22). On each occasion my symptoms were not the same and it felt like completely different illnesses.

Major symptoms were:

1st time Swollen glands in throat, feverishness, then dizziness and then three days in bed feeling generally ill, bleeding gums mouth ulcers (still not quite gone away).

2nd time loss of taste & smell, ill for a couple of weeks again about three days ill in bed

3rd time (this was the worst) I got brain fog, couldn't read or write on computer. I believe it is described as 'loss of executive function'. I was hallucinating at one point, I almost passed out sitting down spent several days in bed. The brain fog took weeks to clear (nicotine tablets helped hugely) and it is only recently that I feel fully better.

I became a bit unwell Dec 22 and because every one else seemed to have covid I think it probably was covid again but I didn't test for it. It was no worse than a cold. I have recently been in close contact with someone who had covid and I didn't catch anything. So my hope is that we will all catch all the main strains once and then have some level of immunity then it does become like having a cold.

I have not seen anything in reality that supports that the vax did any good at all. People who were vxd who worked in the hospital all got covid just as often as I did and some were def more unwell than I was. There were one third of people who did not come into work the day after the first injections. Everyone had to go over two days unless they refused.

I am very concerned that the vax has caused many other illnesses that are taking a while to show up and so are not being included in safety reviews or counted as vax injuries.

The exerpts below are from UK gov May to Dec 22 report https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/articles/excessdeathsinenglandandwalesmarch2020todecember2022/2023-03-09

Some of these are are shocking.

'Deaths remained substantially above the five-year average between May to December 2022, after subtracting deaths due to COVID-19. The remainder of this section discusses this period.

Deaths (excluding deaths due to COVID-19) were above the five-year average for 16 of the 20 age groups. The age group with the highest proportional excess was people aged 75 to 79 years (21.3% increase, 8,935 excess

deaths), followed by people aged 10 to 14 years (16.2% increase, 31 excess deaths).

The months with the most excess deaths continue to be April 2020 (43,796 excess deaths) and January

2021 (16,546 excess deaths); these were also the months which had the most deaths due to COVID-19.

Between March 2020 and December 2022, the leading causes of death with the highest numbers of

excess deaths in England and Wales were Symptoms, signs, and ill-defined conditions, associated with old age and frailty (12,170 excess deaths), Cirrhosis and other diseases of liver (4,846 excess deaths), and

Cardiac arrhythmias (4,375 excess deaths).

The age group with the most excess deaths that were not due to COVID-19 was those aged 75 to 79 years for both males (7,870 excess deaths, 7.8% above average) and females (6,187 excess deaths, 7.6% above average).

The place of occurrence with the most excess deaths due to causes other than COVID-19 was private

homes, with a 105,211 excess (29.1% above average).

While Symptoms, signs, and ill-defined conditions was the leading cause of excess mortality for females in this period (2,568 excess deaths, a 41.4% increase). For males, the leading cause of excess mortality was Ischaemic heart diseases, with an excess of 2,609 deaths (11.4% above average).

December 2022 saw a particularly high number of excess deaths due to causes other than COVID-19. This increase was driven by diseases of the respiratory system, such as Influenza and pneumonia (598 excess deaths, a 25.1% increase) and Chronic lower respiratory diseases (494 excess deaths, a 17.0% increase).

Diseases of the circulatory system also saw notable excesses. These include Ischaemic heart diseases with 454 excess deaths (a 9.5% increase) and Cardiac arrhythmias with 244 excess deaths (a 38.9% increase).

Deaths due to Accidental falls were higher than average in many months of the period studied (2,795 excess deaths). They saw particularly notable excesses in the months of June to October 2022, with 1,019 excess deaths (a 40.6% increase). This excess was largely accounted for by people aged 80 years and above, with an excess of 703 deaths (a 40.7% increase). This was observed similarly across both England and Wales'.

I would agree that more people at dying at home, this does not tie in with delayed ambulance calls but supports the concerns that people are dying without warning and before they can call an ambulance. I am hearing of lots of people falling which ties in with the numbers. It is not normal falling, these people are more collapsing than falling. There are a lot of people falling over who are not hurt so not going to hospital. Could be mini strokes? What doesn't match is that I am hearing of lots of people with cancer, its not showing here, could be it is being hidden in the non excess deaths? Ethical Skeptic has shown how it can be hidden. The largest group is so vaguely described one would expect it should be the catch all for anything that is missed, it doesn't make sense that it is the largest group.

Lastly it mentions that the worst months in terms of numbers of deaths are in the same months that covid cases peaked. There does appear to be a correlation between the two. I am of the view that getting covid is triggering at least some of the 'not from covid' deaths. I really hope this does tail off once everyone has caught had all strains and no more boosters are given.

Thank you for your excellent articles. Sorry my unstructured post littered with many punctuation errors and lack of factual information may be letting the side down!

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Thank you, a valuable and interesting highlight regarding falling.

In general I think the 2022 excess deaths "not explained by recorded Covid-19 deaths" reflects that virus-related deaths are under-reported. Most middle-aged or elderly did not meet the virus until the Omicrons era, so this is when all the shoes have dropped - but at the same time, there was a pivot toward even more under-reporting (I think virus-related deaths were already under-reported to begin with). None of this is to say that the vaccine is not killing, just that vax deaths are still marginal. However, that claim is of little import if the vaxxed are "time-bombs" that will go off in the years ahead.

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'Humans barely understand viruses or the immune system. This fact may be cause for anger, but it isn’t to any extent ameliorated by the same. And so as a general rubric, more confidence indicates more ignorance.'

I'm saving this quote.

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re: Azzi, L. et al. “Mucosal Immune Response in BNT162b2 COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients.” EBioMedicine. 2022 Jan;75:103788.

Wow. Everything I have read about injected vaccines is they do not induce mucosal immune responses.

My WTF meter just broke. hmm

I guess the big difference in the response is nucleocapsid vs spike-specific Ig*. N doesn't change much, apparently, but S is the constantly evolving part.

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Mitsi, et al. is even better. Obviously this doesn't translate to the level of "immunity" in tissues after infection. And even infection doesn't protect against reinfection when the virus changes targets - i.e. when Omicron changed preference to upper airway - so marginal mucosal immunity isn't going to be the same as robust mucosal immunity.

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The first thing I did was go see if the uni had received any funding from big harma - looks like this study was funded internally.

Have seen a lot of pro-pharma press releases from employees of unis receiving $Ms of funding from same.

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In a similar light, I've seen a lot of anti-vax people post the somewhat short-sighted "I trust my immune system".

Given vaccines are designed to induce and then strengthen an immune response, vaccine recipients also trust their immune system.

The difference is in trusting NI vs big harmaceutical.

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Well, that assumes coherence or logic, if you mean "trust" as in a belief rather than a de facto condition. But at the same time this gets to exactly what I critique all the time - the assumption that the vaxxed are doomed forever basically rests on the idea that "immune system stupid." The reason vaccines get a pass is because for the most part the immune system still figures things out (which stops being valid once you are injecting kids with 400 different things, because the exception to "the most part" is what counts).

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Yes "trust" starts to feel like "faith" in a lot of these memes.

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I am surprised that a doctor claimed this:

'The apparent new “gotcha” is that IgG can’t get to the lungs, and so it can’t possibly have an impact on disease or viral loads (to vaguely paraphrase).'

Maybe I shouldn't.

However, one only has to know that maternal IgG antibodies can pass through the syncytiotrophoblast while the rest of the mother's immune system can't (like macrophages, NK cells etc.)

Of course, it was someone in a comment on one of your posts who alerted me to Neonatal Fc Receptors which probably should not be labeled Neonatal.

Also, can I ask you to put scare quotes around big new words like "transudation" :-)

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Maybe it was because of all the anger. Maybe too much twitter time.

My quotation mark decisions are completely instinctual, I wouldn't know how to intentionally apply a new rule.

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