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An alternative theory on polio from Turtles all the way down:


And a long thread that predates the publication of that book but proposes the same mechanism: https://twitter.com/forrestmaready/status/1005127713848463361

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I returned to this to make sure I understood the mechanism you proposed and then went looking for the paper by HV Wyatt but it's paywalled.

However, I did find this:

Polio provocation: solving a mystery with the help of history


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Another thought I had is this.

The foundational myth of the 'Vaccine Era' is that Edward Jenner noticed that milk maids did not get small-pox and concluded that it had to do with them contracting cow-pox and thus developing cross-over immunity.

He had no idea of the involvement of Vitamin D3 in the immune system (and didn't even know it existed at that time), so how could he eliminate the possibility that milk maids were also consuming fresh cows milk and thus had better serum D3 levels than lots of others in the population.

We may never know.

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A week or so ago I was like, I managed to go through all this weird, basic but weird, legal crap I was hit with this year with a fine-toothed comb maybe I can figure this virus or whatever stuff out, I'll start with the people that say germs do not cause disease because that seems crazy. So I started with stuff in that arena and was interested in finding something a little more middle ground, noticed that Deusberger was getting footnoted a lot, then found that his book (which someone had gotten me to give to my mother in undergrad for some reason) really did have an authoritative middle ground survey, ran into eugyppius, which articulated a lot of what I was mulling over, a couple days ago and now I'm here!

I seem to be really interested in this stuff, could you provide any good nuts and bolts intros on whatever it is I'm reading (virology or something?) and I'd be curious about any personal inspiration.

The above post grabbed me immediately because right away you address the DDT stuff. I also had a friend get really mad at me because I started a conversation with "I'm reading this book and these people are saying the Spanish flu was caused by electricity"... I never even made it to the cool bit about the comets! But I was thinking about it and I was like I guess the spanish flu really is sacrosanct because it seems to be one of the very few examples of modern really bad very infectious diseases. And I had also been wondering about the timeline of polio, and just my encounter with the historical feel of it from movies and books really lines up with what you've outlined above.

I also kept on coming back to the Edward Jenner wikipedia, because it showed me that there was a folk history of inoculation leading up to vaccination (oh yeah that's what convinced me germs cause disease!) and leads to the interesting contradiction that what Jenner observed that lead to the invention of the vaccine (I suspect that deserves quotes, or I'm just not saying that right at all), the famous milkmaid story, or variolation, was outlawed under the Vaccine Act of 1840 (that's a bit of a rhetorical abstraction, but I think there's the beginning of some kind of pattern there).

So I'd been chewing on what to make of that, and boom, the IPV and OPV claim your making here seems to strongly resonant with whatever is going on in the back of my mind about that!

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I find your theory on a "needle-borne plague" more compelling than my own thoughts about it.

I has thinking along the lines that when infant formula became available lots of mothers stopped breast feeding, but of course that doesn't work too well now that I think about it because getting antibodies from your mother doesn't help you establish your own antibodies. You need your own t-cells and b-cells to spring into action. I also vaguely thought it might have to do with the fact that kids have fewer opportunties to play where they can pick up polio from the environment and pass it through their GI tract and develop immunity that way.

I have known two people who had polio-derived paralysis. My Uncle got it some time between 1940 and 1950 but survived into his early 70s I believe. Also, a guy I knew from Hong Kong got it probably around 1960 or a bit before. They were probably still administering penicillin via needles back then.

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We routinely inject infants these days with many, many vaccines.

Why are we not seeing more cases of paralysis?

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Great summary that makes sense..and this line "In all three cases the faucial appearances"

Fauci is everyhere... :)

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Just found your site, now subscribed!

I’m trying to remember where I read about “polio provocation,” but I do recall that it was a known factor by health authorities in New York during the late 1940s. It was for that reason that other immunizations (diphtheria) were purposely put on hold during polio epidemics.

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It did seem to be directed to me - hence my confusion. My sincerest apologies. 🙏

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I have posted a main link of mine earlier but perhaps I may add the following.

When I looked at viruses and became suspicious of current viral theory I saw a picture of a polio victim. It was the classic bow legs of rickets, vitamin D deficiency.

Having looked in detail at the virus theory and based on my general knowledge over 60 years of life on this earth, I realised that we had been hoodwinked by the medical establishment/big pharma.

Polio is primarily rickets reinvented. However, I am sure that other factors such as vaccines and neuro-toxic chemicals come into play. These will affect the body in various ways. These sub-links extracted from my main link.



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Wow this is great. Thanks

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I'm going to read the polio article next. In this moment, I want to flag somthing to you... What is this about, please?? https://mejbcart.substack.com/p/ctcctcg-gcggg-cacgtag-and-the-five

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Dear Brian

Thank you for your piece. Perhaps you may care to see my research. It cover vaccines as a whole. My site's approach is unusual in general as I will use humour to lighten the mood an to help make the points.


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Hello Brian, I thought of you and this piece when I ran across this letter to BMJ, written by a retired pediatrician in 2018;


Title of letter: Injections and acute flaccid myelitis: the dog that hasn't barked

The editorial and review of the US outbreaks of acute flaccid myelitis/AFM is timely, but it fails to mention a potentially important co-factor in the cause of this “mystery illness”—intramuscular injections and provocation paralysis. (Stelzer-Braid, BMJ, 19 Dec 2018)

I venture to say that few clinicians today are aware that injections are strong risk factors for paralytic polio: recent injections (e.g. antibiotics, vaccinations) have accounted for 66% to 86% of attributable risk of paralysis when polioviruses are circulating. (Hill and Knowelden, BMJ, 1 July 1950. Strebel et al, NEJM 1995;332:500. Kohler et al, Int J Epidem, 2002;32:272) Even fewer clinicians are likely to know about poliovirus receptors, which are not expressed in normal human muscle fibers but are rapidly up-regulated in muscle damaged by injections. (Dalakas et al, NEJM 1995;333:62) This enables circulating polioviruses to bind to motor end plates from where they are transported along motor nerves to the spinal cord. (Gromeier and Wimmer, J Virol 1998;72:5056. Ren and Racaniello, J Infect Dis 1992;166:747) 99% of poliovirus infections are benign and self-limited, but of the 1% of paralytic cases a substantial proportion are provoked by injections. There is a dose-response effect: in Strebel’s report of vaccine-associated paralytic polio/VAPP in Romania, a single injection within 30 days of paralysis onset increased VAPP risk 8-fold; 2 to 9 injections increase VAPP risk 27-fold; and 10 or more injections increased VAPP risk 182-fold! For the contacts of OPV recipients the peak risk occurred when injections were given 8 to 21 days before onset of paralysis, similar to Hill’s observations from the 1949 polio epidemic in the UK........

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Your pathways graphic misspells "penicillin".

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