Forensic Analysis of Novel SARS2r-CoV Identified in Game Animal Datasets in China Shows Evolutionary Relationship to Pangolin GX CoV Clade and Apparent Genetic Experimentation


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"Does it mean that single individuals really do typically infect dozens, if not hundreds, of others?"

To be fair, it is likely true that other means of spreading were indeed not evaluated, but there is actually lots of evidence this is the case. In general, but also for COVID-19. In the early days when people did contact tracing, and in some countries, they kept up with that pretty long, it was frequently seen that many people infect nobody outside their household (as in the infection chain dies out), or infected multiple people. So infecting hundreds is perhaps a bit much, but there is a lot of evidence that R-values have two peaks - one at 0 (households hence excluded) and one more significantly above the average R-value. The latter hence expressing the relevant R-distribution.

We've talked about this in the context of mutations, where I used the musical chair game example, where at each turn most chairs are eliminated, but afterwards all chairs are returned and survivors can all clone to take the empty seats. Such a model explains aggressive variant-die out despite hosts not being depleted, as well as I believe the seemingly absence of mutations.

I'm open to other means of spreading. But other than the release/appearance of the Omicron twins, I've seen no variants yet that cannot be explained by this model. But you often surprise me, so I'll hold my peace.

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That's a great post and I am struggling with the same questions. How many of the "variants" were lab designed vs naturally evolved. The initial Omicrons were possibly designed around Jul-Aug of 2021.

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This is very jnteresting Brian. I look forward to seeing your results.

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Yellow soup for you! https://moderndiscontent.substack.com/p/fecal-microbial-transplants-and-gut

But in all seriousness, hope you get better asap.

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All right, I'm really glad you're writing this series. I try not to miss a live stream with JJ Couey.

I hope you feel fully healthy again in no time. ❤️ Food poisoning can be awful!

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First cultured Wuhan Covid19 outside of China was exported from Australia all over the world.

Compare sequences with Austria?


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Hi Brian, hope you feel better soon.

I still owe you a reply - your comment took some digesting and then I got busy, sorry for not responding and thank you for responding to me.

Still off topic, I have discovered a disturbing trend wherein I have dozens of posts now where I was the last person to comment after you. I sincerely apologize for pointing my red bum in your face. I don't know why this keeps happening but it happened again today!


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