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Great post as always. Something that's interested me is whether we reeeally do need a second measles vaccine. Heres a chart showing UK cases before and after introduction of the measles vaccine, but also note that the second dose was introduced in 1996 despite cases already being at a low level:


The same applies to Japan, who only introduced their second dose in 2006 (See Figure 1)


So is it a case of chasing diminishing returns to fulfil a policy objective of elimination?

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The variation between the values for the various countries in that first table is something!

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I have yet to meet a vaccinated person that I find interesting. Or at least intellectually challenging. The dead ones are of interest to me. But they are not interesting.

Plus they’re dead.

So there’s that.

That the vaccinated ...

Don’t find their own dead interesting

... I do find interesting.


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