Walgreens tracker is down today...

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Your "Background" section is fun.

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So, perhaps, Ba.5 is a "boosted people variant"

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Just want to remind, that antibody test for 'SARS-cov-2' means NOTHING, completely unspecific, unless the real symptoms actually indicate some sort of illness/cold/flu. Any old style corona virus infection with almost 90% IDENTITY of those old SARS viruses could have produced exactly one of those IgG, IGA, IgM major antibodies and their subtypes. One has to remember the just few sorts of antibodies were produced against ALL PREVIOUS DISEASES in the entire human live, until WHO/CDC changed the definitions of everything and now we have 'specific covid' antobodies...!!!

And now covid PCR: it is officially ~40* times amplified ~16-24 nucleotide long piece of DNA(!!, not even RNA...) translated by polymerase from the present RNA virus which has ~30000 of the nucleotides enclosed in a spherical 3D structure. That alignment and translation is ONLY POSSIBLE AFTER BOILING the human tissue + viral+bacterial+fungal culture (everything what is at the back of the nose) in all the ~40 cycles, where the RNA falls apart and maybe recombines giving at the end complete nonsense Even a combination of few such pieces and adding known parts of viruses won't proof ANY INFECTION, which is caused by the ENTIRE LIVING (properly folded) virus at elevated BODY temperature of ~38degC, and not at ~100deg C. Taking a thermometer or oxygen meter measurements of anyone with SYMPTOMS is enough to tell one is sick, with OR without 'covid'! That's what the first german authopsies revealed, nobody died of covid alone, but 'with covid'..., even in a car accident...

Given all these details, any 'scientific study' using these 'determination methods' leading to any resulting statistics, should be equally questionable.

* normal amount should be 25-30

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There is ZERO infection of a FAKE virus that does not exist. It has NEVER been isolated or purified. Virology is pure junk science.

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