I am so grateful for your article your help to educate ... I just recently read Wade Fraizer’s article THE MEDICAL RACKET ... his site “ahealedplanet.net and he mentioned that Measles came from DOGS, Smallpox from COWS, Flu from Swine and Birds and the common cold from HORSES 🐎 AS THEY WERE DOMESTICATED.. of course we know that the COVID business is from BATS 🦇 And I believe that the Virus HIV that causes AIDS came from combining A BOVINE virus with a VISNA 🦠 VIRUS FROM SHEEP .... @ Fort Detrick......sorry NOT THE GREEN MONKEY THEORY FIRST PREPOSED ‼️SUCH LIARS ‼️ so if all these diseases came from animal sources what animal could we blame for POLIO⁉️The use of the Héla Immortal cancer cell line is what was used to make the polio vaccine as its plasmid base and afterward an exposition of CANCER in America ..... hummm ⁉️Dr Henry G Bieler had an interesting theory in his book FOOD IS YOUR BEST MEDICINE ...THAT ICE CREAM WAS THE CULPRIT.... the protein in the milk and the high degree of the stomach 98.6 degrees rendered the microbe 🦠 responsible and if the sugar used in making the ice cream is laced with arsenic and pesticides from the sugar manufacturing hummm and seasonal when people eat ice cream around hot summer days ... at parks and ICE CREAM PALORS .... very interesting 🤔 and added to the post WWII denatured food presented to American public white bread and canned food I would add the immune system failure 😨 as also contributing to the cause ,, why some people got it and others didn’t ... would be immune system fitness in general....a healthy immune system should have able to digest the microbe in the fermented ice cream ... read BITTEN by KRIS NEWBY and you will understand the bioWeapon created at Ft Detrick and Rocky Mountain Lab how a bacteria infused with a particularly nasty virus that causes LYMES DISEASE....BTW JONAS SALK WAS A VERY SUCK PUPPY 🐶 THE SURVIVE OF THE WISEST ....READ IT‼️‼️‼️vaccines cause cancer always have and always will ...wake up sleepy people you’ve been played...

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I will have to spend some time reading this article, but I wanted to point out this paper that shows there is much we simply do not know about polio:


Specifically, this statement:

"A dedicated genomic structural element is not the only means by which an RNA virus can determine packaging specificity. Picornaviruses and flaviviruses, most of which lack a PS, tightly couple packaging to RNA replication (Nugent et al., 1999; Barrows et al., 2018). In particular, for poliovirus no clearly defined PS has ever been uncovered, despite extensive searches (Jiang et al., 2014). Moreover, exhaustive recoding experiments appear to rule out the existence of cryptic PSs in the poliovirus genome (Song et al., 2017). This has led to the hypothesis that polio capsid protein-replicase interactions are sufficient to ensure the specificity of genome packaging."

Also, I fully believe viruses exist! And Viroids and now Obelisks! (See Kevin McKernan's substack!)

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Very valuable work, thank you Brian. I don't know why you do what you do but I'm glad of it.

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