A "Fact Check" came out that regurgitates our thoughts and pretty much confirms them.

Useless buffoon "health expert" comments sprinkled in the fact check to smooth out the impression


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Covid personality Peter Hotez is discovering that Paxlovid does not work, and is having a rebound.



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May 6, 2022Liked by Brian Mowrey

Appears the CDC, FDA, NIH, US government, WEF, WHO, etc. are looking for partners in crime, instead of, let's say what's best for our health. Sadly, there are plenty of willing victims still lining up.

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If there's no association why is NIAID seeking "urgent" data on the matter?


Methinks there's a delightful turf war brewing among the government public health watchdogs (FDA, CDC, and NIAID) over the Pfizer Pfaux Pas of Paxlovid.

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May 6, 2022Liked by Brian Mowrey

These institutions need burning to the ground

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Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if there was something that allows them a double dose. Remdesivir was only meant to be a 5-day course, but then there was a sudden "well, if they are on a ventilator make it 10 days!"

This is rather interesting. At some point the return of investments here should make them really reassess the need to keep pushing something so expensive.

I am rather curious about the PCR tests, as that would indicate that Paxlovid would be widely dispersed in the body, although NP swabs are different than the ones we shove only an inch into the nose.

Maybe I overlooked it, but do you know why the rebound effect would be so great? Part of it actually looks like the scaling of the days may mean that we should be careful about the spacing, but it still looks pretty high.

This is all interesting regardless, and I wonder what will come of all of this.

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May 6, 2022Liked by Brian Mowrey

“Perhaps the executives at Pfizer are all new at this whole “medicine” thing…?” Thank you for today’s guffaw. Sadly they know exactly what they’re doing in this war for normie mindshare.

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May 6, 2022·edited May 6, 2022Liked by Brian Mowrey

Amazing article!

I tweeted it https://twitter.com/ichudov/status/1522415167874678785

Thank you for QUANTIFYING the rebounds. I believe that "1-2%" is FDA's sleight of hand:

The number is 8 out of what, 1072? So they say it is 1%. But it is actually 8 out of 107 randomly chosen persons who were actually watched for resurgence. That's how I understood your article.

Your article is very smart and I hope that Harris meets Biden soon.

I agree that rebounds are unfortunate but should NOT be a reason for a duplicate paxlovid treatment.

I want to write about that sleight of hand, giving you proper credit of course.

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