how do we know then that the whole donbass reason for russia invading ukraine is a cover for the fact that russia invaded ukraine to uncover and destroy US bioweapons labs scattered all over ukraine and now the US is being forced to fork it all over to keep it quiet. zelensky's handlers know how to operate a shakedown.....

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I lean towards intentional release of an attenuated virus for the global biosecurity state "live exercise" tracking purposes. Of course the "Great Resetters" had prior knowledge of this.

May have been released in NC ~Aug 2019 ("vaping disease") and carried to Wuhan via the US .mil cycling team (practicing in NC at the time) during the World Military games in Wuhan.

The decades long paper trail of the WHO/BIS et al biosecurity state wet dream has been done to death elsewhere so I won't rehash it. As has the Great Resetters wet dream (CBDC etc.)

An example of such an attenuated Coronavirus can be seen in the Pirbright Institutes patent from 2018

(archived here: https://www.fbcoverup.com/docs/library/2018-11-20-US-Pat-No-10130701-CORONAVIRUS-Assignee-THE-PIRBRIGHT-INSTUTUTE-Woking-Great-Britain-funded-by-Wellcome-Trust-and-Gates-Foundation-USPTO-Nov-20-2018.pdf )

The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (Comprising the usual suspects), in it's annual report of 2019, had laid out amongst it's "Progress Indicator(s) by September 2020" sections the following:

"The United Nations (including WHO) conducts at

least two system-wide training and simulation

exercises, including one for covering the deliberate

release of a lethal respiratory pathogen."

Full 2019 report is missing from the GPMB website, but the same text can be found in it's 2019 summery for policymakers here: https://www.gpmb.org/docs/librariesprovider17/default-document-library/annual-reports/gpmb-2019-execsum-annualreport-en.pdf?sfvrsn=660402fa_28

Don't forget Mike Pompeos freudian slip during an early press conference ~Jan 2020:

Pompeo "We're in a live exercise here"

Trump "Shoula let us know"


All the "GOF" stuff relates more to the jabs than it does the actual coronavirus IMO, they've been working on them for >30years, personally I doubt it was for treatment purposes, the malthusian/eugenic leaning of the parasite class has been well researched (See e.g. James Corbett https://www.corbettreport.com/tag/eugenics/).

Consider none of the Agenda 2030/Net Zero energy sums work unless there's a massive cull of the plebs, and using current global oil reserves we currently have ~50 years left, with diminishing EROEI. Any reference to "Peak Oil" in the US .mil planning ~20yrs ago talks in terms of "Demand Destruction", let that sink in!

If that's not enough to scare the global parasite class into pulling the pin on depopulation planning, I don't know what is.

Am I Paranoid? Only if the global parasite class is not actually out to get us LOL

Consider the candid interview with Jacques Attali in 1981 talking about a Pandemic to DePopulate: "The stupid will believe it and ask to be treated" https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/tyranny/the-stupid-will-believe-it-and-ask-to-be-treated-pandemic-to-depopulate-1981/


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I lean towards it being a lab leak, and that there are a lot more lab leaks than we realise or know of. Like vaxx induced heart damage, it's harder to spot at least initially since respiratory viruses of natural origin are very common. Would be interesting to look at other viruses circulating in 2019 to see if they show signs of lab modification too.

Certainly I believe the Taiwanese and Koreans knew something was afoot quite some time before they made a public statement, perhaps a thorough analysis of the events very early on in the pandemic would shed some light.

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Except that there is no evidence there is such a "November 2019 secret intelligence report". We see people in the media suggest it, but no confirmation. This whole thing is based on the notion it exists.

Also , everything could be called a 'report'. Perhaps there was some paperwork indeed with information about their surveillance of the Wuhan lab. A surveillance that probably was routine and ongoing for years. It was (partly) a Chinese militaire lab after all, so I'm assuming we monitor them just as other powers monitor ours. And yes, it is possible some work from some analysis was shared. OK, and yes, perhaps even it was marked as alarming.

Demaneuf who is at the root of this whole thing, himself even indicates they may have just picked that up from hospital chatter ... and notes that it may have even been a false alarm. But the Harvard report shows there is lots of public information where - at least with hindsight - one could have seen something amiss in Wuhan, even if that data would actually be a wrong interpretation acording to one of the articles you quote.

But either way how is that proof the US intentionally leaked it? There seem to be lots of stuff missing here? I think your and their wish it to be so, is the father of the believe here ...

BTW if such a 'report' exists, itis more a proof how bad intelligence failed to bubble it up to the relevant levels. After all nobody acted on it.

That later the actual relevant levels as you indicate had decided it was the wet market, despite clear indications this was lab made (regardless by whom)., was just politics. And once embedded in the infamous Red vs Blue team-doctrine, the rest is history. I see no real mysteries there. Just as the Hunter laptop was a clear Russian disinformation campaign, and the Russians hacked the DNC. Etc,. Intelligence = Politics, and hence often bullsh#t.

And then the whole motivation, from economic attack on China or global lock-downs seem like a very bad movie script.

The only thing going for it would be that it would prove the existence of the deep state. After all, if such a thing could be concocted and executed without the upper parts of government knowing (unless you believe Orange Man Bad knew/ordered it or so) that would be the definite proof ...

No serious, this is ridiculous, unless of course you bring evidence to the table.

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Very interesting! During origin conversations, I always try to keep in mind what JJ Couey has concluded. No matter where it came from, a coronavirus could not have naturally caused a pandemic because it is too genetically unstable. Infectious clones were probably released in many areas around the world. Lab leak or natural, both narratives can be used to raise fear in populations and used for control.

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Remember the innumerable clues that Malone has been given us all the time, everywhere.

I remember a podcast he made with Steve Kirsh on december 2021, the omicron tale was hot. He was insisting that it was "a miracle" the apparition of a variant more contagious but less deadly, it was as if "someone had created it and released it."

Switch on, switch off?

I think it's all a lie.

There are no viruses, natural or synthetic.

But it is funny nontheless, from a Plutonian point of view.

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Agent Callahan to Doctor Malone: "Bob, you need to get your team all spun up."

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Note also Will Jones' Daily Sceptic post as of this morning: https://dailysceptic.org/2023/01/25/why-the-lab-leak-theory-is-almost-certainly-false/.

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I think where we get tangled up looking at COVID origins is with the idea that this use of bioweapons is something extraordinary. I suspect that much of it is very ordinary.

For at least 20 years NIH has been building bioweapons for the DOD. Fauci has been receiving a stipend from DOD for that long to oversee the NIH part of it.

People like Ralph Baric and Bourla and Bancel have been contractors in this project and untouchable because they are protected by the Dark Side of the Pentagon. But none of these people are what you would call high level conspirators. They are suppliers and mostly in the dark about the uses of the weapons that they supply.

They have not been building Extinction Level plagues, at least not mostly. People like Kadlec and John Bolton didnt want another nuclear stockpile to sit on. They wanted weapons that they could use. They have been building bioweapons to extend US 'soft power'. Particular places have had an extra nasty flu season allowing a US competitor to get the jump on them, key targets, key groups have gotten sick at just the right time to push a particular US objective over the top. The Russians think that they can prove that these weapons have been used on them. I hope that they can and will. China was in some way a partner in this deal. They did some of the riskier parts of the work and got some of the reward, I won't pretend to know the details of how that worked. But I think that that explains the Chinese overreaction to COVID. They knew that it was a bioweapon and they had the fear that a junior partner in a nefarious scheme always has. They knew how nasty, how subtle some of these weapons could be and determined on Zero COVID as a necessary precaution against some of the possibilities that they knew about. It should be pointed out that we do not know if the virus thst we know as Covid is the same as what was released in China and Iran. The release of the 'weapon' may have neen covered up by the release of a more virulent and less lethal cousin.(Post break)

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Not that long ago I would think that this must have been written by a madman. While I have a different theory, I can no longer dismiss yours as outlandish. I can not even say that I do not believe it is possible. We have seen stranger in recent years.

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Thanks for the thought provoking article. Your last 4 "Why?" questions are key. To this I might add,

5. Why would releasing a virus that is hardly worse than a normal flu season be on anyone's agenda?

6. Why would anyone expect that a virus with an IFR of 0.1% should cause any blowback?

7. Why would anyone think that covid, a minor coronavirus, would harm China?

8. Why would anyone think that locking down the USA was part of the agenda, as lockdown could not possibly help the USA economically?

9. Why do studies find SARS-CoV-2 antibodies present before Oct 2019?

10. Why did China only lockdown Wuhan?

11. Why did anyone believe that locking down Wuhan accomplished anything?

12. Why did the MSM so quickly and enthusiastically exaggerate covid by nearly 100 fold?

13. Why did the MSM embrace masks and lockdowns?

14. Why did so many of us know early on that the vaccine rollout was the main agenda? (The so called conspiracy theorists correctly predicted vaccine mandates)

15. Why did Gates direct the MSM to promote lockdowns and vaccines and boosters? Did Gates invent SARS-CoV-2, or pay to have it invented and released?

16. Why the push and promotion of the inaccurate PCR tests?

17. Who told the WHO to declare a pandemic when there was none?

18. Why would a plandemic choose a coronavirus, since it was well known that it is next to impossible to create a vaccine for this type of virus?

I'm still of the opinion that there are too many questions and not enough answers for anyone other than the perpetrators to know for sure what happened. And I'm still persuaded that whatever the initial plan, several key stakeholders jumped in on the bandwagon for profits. And I still think it ended up going far beyond the initial game plan because so many people in the general public believed the narrative, became terrified, and clamored for more restrictions.

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Thoroughly enjoyed reading this post as well as the comments. I've been following the latest Pseudomonas surprise sequence data story very closely and (since we've been here before) started wondering what had happened immediately prior to the supposed discovery of a SARS-COV-2 spike in a Beijing biosecurity lab's bacteria analysis of samples taken from patients in 2019 to warrant such an extravagant push to refocus on China. The Will Jones article might just fit the bill.

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Brian, you are overthinking too many things. This virus was accidentally released from one of the Wuhan virology labs. This is a simple, elegant and logically consistent explanation of everything that happened. Your explanation requires loads of planning, way too many US government people in the know, a giant conspiracy, all of which may be possible but it is still highly unlikely....

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It was a genetic 'viron' fragement in a plasmid wot did it. Either way, intent or no, stoking up the bad-boy virus route is just more of a circle-jerk kabuki play by IC/Pharma game-boys fucking everyone over. Again.

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I follow the covid origin story like a hawk.

There is a lot of knowns and a lot of unknowns.

The DEFUSE project as well as Ralph Baric are US based. Wherever the virus came out of, it was likely designed by Ralph.

Yes the outbreak began in Wuhan, possibly during the military games in October. Who released the virus in Wuhan, is not known.

Yes there was event 201, also in October, involving USA, China CDC, Avril Haines from the intelligence community, WEF and BMGF.

What exactly transpired, we do not yet know and, in my opinion, you also do not know.

We also do not know who exactly, out of Event 201 parties mentioned above, agreed to the virus being released.

Trying to interpret multiple levels of dishonest messaging is a valid pursuit, but it has limitations.

The lockstep promotion of "Covid vaccines" to people who never needed them, was a premeditated crime committed for a yet unknown motive (we can make guesses)

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Wow, Brian Mowrey conspiracy level 5 unlocked :) Ok, I’m trying to figure out where they would have seeded the virus - so far we have 1)China, 2)Iran and 3)Italy. China and Iran make perfect sense- I also like this idea that China thinks they are complicit- maybe they used an angle about it helping to shut down the protests that were going on with HK during that time and then the US screwed them over (as they tend to do). But I’m trying to think politically what was going on in Italy that would lead them to want to seed there?

Your theory can also segue with Ethical Skeptics theory if they first tested an earlier version of the virus in a BSL lab and a surrounding leak in another asian country- leading to partial immunity for some locations at first (didn’t Japan, for instance, seem to avoid Alpha and Delta very well and then got hammered by Omicron? Prior partial immunity?) Arkmedic’s article also clearly demonstrated how the US has no issue testing things on people in far away islands...

I think that people in some of the 3 letter agencies are obsessed with regime change- it seems to be almost farcical at this point- how many decades they have tried this and always getting more and more extreme.

I had earlier posted on Eugyppius that I wish someone with know how could track all viral outbreaks in the last 10-15 years (like H1N1, extreme flu seasons, etc)and then see if they can coordinate it to accidental or purposeful lab leaks from nearby. Eugyppius had posted an article about a possible ebola lab leak from 2014 that warranted further analysis.

I also want to add that maybe Omicron was released when they realized that their Alpha release didn’t go as planned and the response wasn’t as originally planned either- China and Iran didn’t change regimes but they were successful in getting out Trump so then plan B to try and weaken the severity of the virus?

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