Medical Anthropology Presentation - Level 100 REDUX (HIV Lab Origin)

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I wonder if any of the stats on this track with changes in injection tech. Like, are all injections equal here, or is there a noticeable difference between the re-usable syringes and needles they had in the 19th century, and whenever disposable sharps were introduced? Is there a difference between just boiling your supplies (or not sterilizing between patients at all! When did that become standard, and was it universally practiced?), and using an autoclave? How did syringe tech change between 1850 and now, when did those developments take place, and do any of them line up with polio infection rates?

Also, do blood draws in this instance count the same as injections?

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Tangentially related:

Deposition rates of viruses and bacteria above the atmospheric boundary layer


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I am reminded of this.... I listened to a Twitter space a few months ago. A doctor was relaying conversations she had had with some colleagues who were plastic surgeons. It was a bit gruesome but may be of interest to you wrt 'it's repeat injection' as described in your recent posts. It went like this.

These plastic surgeons sometimes carry out lower body surgery for various reasons a bit of tightening, or filler or remodelling. What they said was that patients were getting necrosis of said lower regions and it seemed to be linked to them having had covid injections and Botox injections close together and that the time between injections was a factor. They were recommending I think 6 weeks apart to reduce the chances of necrosis.

They didn't speculate on any mechanism for this and thankfully no pictures (!)

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Infection by injection

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