I hope Brian will forgive me if I can't devote the amount of time that it would take to thoroughly digest this entire post. But I did see one point that was very well-made, and that I've been completely unaware of up to now. Is this a known Thing, Brian, or original to you?

"Western humans are better protected against the deadliest threats that Earth likes to throw at humans, such as infectious bacteria, diabetes, and cancer. But thanks to this exogenous protection (we have plenty of bacteria, diabetes and cancer, but medicine ameliorates it), Western humans are less protected against weaker threats, such as power-outages, heat waves, or a hypothetical novel coronavirus developed in a lab (and updated afterward). Weak threats cannot find victims in competition with strong threats. By protecting themselves against strong threats, the West accumulates hoards of victims for weak threats...[like] artificially inflated numbers of grandmas."

This was a great Aha! moment, at least for me. I would quibble about a detail of it: the diabetes and cancer are almost completely inflicted by Western lifestyle and environment, and I wouldn't say medicine ameliorates it; rather that it keeps people alive who would've died a lot sooner from these self-inflicted conditions.

Your ultimate point is the same, "the West functions as a more sensitive tool for measuring the appearance of a weak threat" because we've been culturing and accumulating artificially inflated numbers of grandmas.

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I like the fact that you pointed out that deaths from disease have been going down for a century or more in the West.

Maybe we should declare the next emergency they are planning on declaring to only be an emergency if it leads to death rates seen historically.

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It seems there is another thing we can thank the virus for:

Legalized stealing of IP if you are doing it pursuant to a contract with FEDGOV.


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We need to keep in mind what the true question which needs asking is, and what the stakes involved are.

The important question is not: was there or was there not some unavoidable excess death?

It’s: what would have happened had we just carried on responding to whatever “it” was as we always have.

We’ve been sold a lethal deadly pandemic caused by a single agent spreading from a point source, which justifies all sorts of expensive and intrusive institutional infrastructure to “prevent” again in the future.

Did that happen? Or, at worst, did we have a middling bad out of season flu-like outbreak, made dramatically worse through misadventure which took many forms.

Summed up nicely in the conclusion to this:


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Seems to me the excess deaths were from a mix of factors. Some people did seem to die from a respiratory disease that had additional symptoms not commonly seen before; loss of smell and taste, and the quote sudden dive In blood oxygen levels.

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Educate yourself. Search "virus exist" in http://bit.ly/research2000

Otherwise, what were 200 scientists working full time on, in Wuhan?:


I'm about to post the full book on that.

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No virus killed anyone three years ago. Natural or synthetic or semi-natural or semi-synthetic.

People were murdered with poisoning, mental abuse and medical malpratice, including lack of attention and administration of killer drugs. The madness of the doctors and nurses was caused by mental illness induced by mass psychosis, designed in high places.

No accidents.

Errors were not made.

This is the greatest crime in history.

It is incredible, but true.

The courts and the police are not doing anything because they have been bought or blackmailed.

We are very much screwed by an alliance of eco-fascio-communists who hate human liberty.

I don't think there is any crime they have not performed already.

It is very bad.

I understand that biologists cannot drop this virus. But they should embrace reality, as bad as it is. Ditto for doctors who still bellieve in covid and sars-virus.

By the way, why we call it covid and not sars? Sars was already a name for a disease. Why did they invent a new acronym?

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"So I think in this country we'v taken a very liberal approach to mortality."

Dr. Dunce Birx

07 Apr 20

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It's appalling that DS won't print Panda's rebuttal. Shame on Toby 'Mr. Free Speech!' Young, and Will.

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