I looked at Dutch sewage water the other day. Not the water itself, but data representing the RNA flow.




I should have used some other measure instead of cases, since this is obviously affected by testing efforts, but I think this effect might still exist if I had done that.

Any suggestions how to handle this? Seropositivity? Some other combination of variables to represent how many people are currently infected?

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2 years into this covid clown theatre i think the whole scam was and still is a big success with all these people dying, because we are suppose to die with this treatment keeping THEM, the psycho designers happy with their killer treatment plan (didn't prune face gates had a slip of the tongue when stating it is the final solution...?) ... now we are constantly suffering from even the normal colds and flues... they are at a constant jabbering lies and keep piling up their lies by the buckets full to their gullable vaccine junkies who by now have a psychological dependency either on their gov states health depts or hailing gates, bourla and those freaks as their own personal wall heroes. Like a puppy shows love and adoration for his owner... sickening.

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I remember you writing about tolerance so long ago!

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IGg3 to IGg4 conversion. How long has this been going on?

1918 H1N1 looks very much like 1977 & 2009 Russian and Swine Flu.

Tuskegee 1930 Syphilis shots into black people

1952 Polio Shots

1954 SV40 found in Polio shots

1960 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer

1968 Asian flu

1976 Swine Flu

1976 Hepatitis shots into homosexuals

1980 outbreak of HIV

1986 new vaccine protocols for children

1987 AZT for HIV

1990 Autism epidemic

2009 Swine Flu

2002 SARS-Cov-1

2006 MERS

2019 SARS-Cov-2

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma = IGg4 Lymphadenopathy

When are going to start connecting the dots?

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This is FANTASTIC! How am I only finding this today?

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Dec 26, 2022·edited Dec 26, 2022Liked by Brian Mowrey

In other words, the jabs cause the immune system to stand down faster than NORAD on 9/11. I grudgingly got my first two jabs in April/May 2021, no I'll effects so far (knock on wood), and I am very glad I never got any further jabs. The third one really seems to be the Rubicon.

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Dec 25, 2022Liked by Brian Mowrey

Very informative stuff. It seems like there's a new study out about this? A study from Dec. 22 is mentioned on this blog:


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I am late to the party, but:

"All future clones of this B Cell will code for IgG4 receptor/antibody for the antigen in question."

Hmmm, I thought B-cells were created from stem cells in which case they should keep resetting. Perhaps I am wrong.

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Could this antigen tolerance also be an issue with people who have a chronic illness (like Lyme or Epstein-Barr) even without a vaccine involvement? Clearly the shots are making it worse, just wondering.

PS I cited this article here - https://wholistic.substack.com/p/novavax-eua-authorized-for-kids-12 - and I am assuming Novavax won't have this risk so much because it doesn't force the body to produce spike protein. Please double check my understanding there if you have a moment. Thank you!

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Great post! The population data fits your scientific analysis perfectly! Negative efficacy plummets into the negative hundreds over time. Also, if we remember that antibodies to other viral proteins are less common in transfected individuals (such as nucleoplasmid)


and everyone basically retools the same B-cell line for spike protein, people who didn’t get Covid before their first injection only have spike protein antibodies, and many of them have aged into IgG4’s auto-immune safety switch. If boosters continue, this population will have no humoral antibody response and will be incapable of producing an immune response to spike protein.


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Thought I would share my current thought synopsis on covid and the genetic vaccines. "Immune Disequilibrium" is of course a play on your Immune Equilibrium and is an attempt to situate tolerance within a larger phenomenon of confusing signals triggering immune dysfunction in multiple ways.


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Jul 25, 2022Liked by Brian Mowrey

I am not a scientist, just a lifelong science nerd. After having been diagnosed with a rare, mysterious, assumedly autoimmune neuropathy in 2010, I've spent the intervening years reading about the immune system. Also receiving biweekly infusions of a hefty dose of immunoglobulin (stopped at the beginning of the pandemic).

That said, my knowledge of the immune system is less than when I started, because the more I learn the more I realize how complex a system it is, concluding that any tinkering with it is the height of hubris.

So it is with great interest I read this and the related articles about IgG4. I don't understand it a whole lot better, but it makes me glad that I left the ranks of the True Believers after submitting to the original Moderna shots. Better late than never.

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Jul 25, 2022Liked by Brian Mowrey

These IgG4 abs are ISOMERIC antibodies, not "normal" antibodies. The vaccines are cmRNA, not mRNA: Uracil has been replaced 100% with Pseudouridine, which is an isomer. Thus, the resulting spike proteins will be isomeric as well, as will the antibodies. The antigen and the abs will have a different chirality/configuration than "normal" abs. Should an isomeric Mers-Cov-2 (Omicron) appear on the scene, coded with Pseudouridine instead of Uracil, the possibility of anaphylactic shock should be considered.

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Science you jokers - Don't you understand the "Science" is settled - like frickin it always has been since like forever - What the heck is wrong with you darned deniers??? Are you that dense???

We're so darned smart, we know everything about everything so all of you dimwits need to upload your darned consciousnesses up into a computer right now so some loser can perpetually screw with you like forever and cause a permanent hell that you can never escape from. Come on - it's all "Science".

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every single post like this one, repeating the language of the entire science going along with FDA redefinitions of immunity, vaccines, ever since start of the bigeest plandemic on this planet, is basically a deception which does not admit the one and only main issue of covid injection products, which are a gene therapy reprogramming the human body to produce, become something DIFFERENT THAN to the point of the injection!!! Why nobody gets the basics? If you have a synthetic genetic construct with pieces doing all sorts of tasks, start with that fundamental issue. When you do it, you will get answers to many questions!! Be really scientific, not an alexa full of falsehoods.

Thank you for allowing to post comments!!!

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