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Senator Johnson's Must-Watch "Expert Panel": Timestamps, Comments

I did my part. I got the vaccine. I got mine because I wanted to protect myself and my family. I did it because I wanted to help others like me whose bodies aren’t strong enough to fight this virus. Ultimately I did it because I was terrified that I would catch Covid again and die. I’m scared and sad and hurting, too.1

Covid vaccine skepticism has written itself into a corner. Ratings are higher than ever, yet the viewers never more difficult to please. In all likelihood, cancellation of the series is imminent.

Critics set the blame for this predicament upon the sprawling writers’ room, whose contributors cannot seem to agree on a vision. Plot lines do not resolve; only proliferate. Characters one episode to the next issue warnings that vary from “Blood Clots Are Coming” to “Myocarditis Is Coming” to “Infertility Is Coming” to “Cancer Is Coming” to “Magnetic Shoulders Are Coming;” meanwhile there is the toxic spike arc, the PEG poison arc, the graphene oxide arc, the self-assembling nanobots arc, the hydras arc, the aliens arc, the Efficacy Wars arc (including the Into the Negaverse crossover event), all still unresolved, and if even the CDC has been able to guest-write in the Vaccine Failure Crisis arc since summer, it’s no surprise that viewers don’t even understand who the bad guys are meant to be anymore. One thing the focus-groups agree on is that the scenes of athletes dying in the middle of games over and over are gratuitous.

No surprise, then, that Kevin McCairn, in last week’s interview with Stew “I Don’t Jump the Shark, I Am the Shark” Peters, makes such an effort to stress to his host the rhetorical necessity of keeping criticism of the injections compatible with the mainstream narrative, which leaves no room for 5G-Human-Hydra-Hybrid Conspiracies, regardless of whether those conspiracies are true. Peters replies with an appeal to principle - is the pursuit of truth for its own sake ever more important, after all, than when elite transhumanist cabals are implanting mind-control circuitry into the entire population of the Earth? - but McCairn’s point is a salient one. A novice viewer cannot possibly hope to grasp why the experimental Covid vaccines are dangerous, if following any of the dominant discussions requires catching up with one million intervening epic quests.

But on the other hand, if the mainstream narrative itself can also be described as incomprehensible, and incompatible with society’s former prevailing consensus of reality, where does that leave those who would counter it? How do you dispute a religion that doesn’t even suppose a god? How do you refute a science that doesn’t believe in truth? All the definitions have already been changed. What does saying “It’s not a vaccine” even mean, anymore? If “vaccine” is just whichever hoop the abuser seems to want you to jump through at a given moment, these are clearly that.

Thus, why Senator Ron Johnson’s introduction to his “Expert Panel on Federal Vaccine Mandates” is possibly the best resource left to reach out to those who still support mandates, or believe that silence is a better option than voicing their doubts. Johnson, with a Weberian instinct for “passion and perspective,” doesn’t refute the mainstream narrative. He reviews it:

I think every American really needs to ask themselves the question: Since the beginning of this pandemic, have the policies followed by the US government - and you could ask this of governments of the world, but we’re going to focus on the US - have they worked? Have the shutdowns worked? Have the mask mandates worked? Have the vaccines and are the vaccine mandates going to work? […]

One of the huge blunders of our government response is we not only ignored, but higher-ups in the agencies sabotaged early treatment. To this day, the NIH guidelines for treating Covid are to basically do nothing. Now, as far as I know, in medicine, with any disease, we’re always talking about early detection allows for early treatment produces better results, which just makes perfect sense. Why didn’t we do that with Covid? The only treatment prior to hospitalization recommended right now is monoclonal antibodies, and it’s difficult to get those.

I recommend viewing Johnson’s introduction, even if a mere recount of the most obvious questions sounds tedious. I found it to be quite the opposite - it was clarifying, and refreshing. (I have also included a crude transcript in the footnotes.2)

For the more jaded, the panel likely still includes several revelatory gems, including details of trial participant difficulties in getting their reactions reported to the trials themselves, or participants with adverse events after the first dose being marked as “withdrawn” in the final papers, and mentions of an NIH study on adverse reactions that was never published (see segment 3). Below are the timestamps for each speaker.


Unmarked or “+” marked testimonies are recommended viewing; “-” marks did not elicit my recommendation (which is not the same as recommending not to watch them). Bold are special recommendations.
Topic notes (italics) are far from comprehensive, but reflect what I thought was “bookmark-worthy” in a particular segment. In Rumble, use J and L keys to skip back or ahead 10 seconds if the slider won’t get you to the right spot (link, again).
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Life After Vaccine Injury
Experts Speak Out
Trial Adverse Event Reporting Experiences
Historic Complicity of the Healthcare Profession


Life After Vaccine Injury

+30:45 Ron Johnson (Senator): Introduction

+43:20 Brianne Dressen (Vaccine-Injured): Description of experience, facebook suppression.

50:10 Linda Wastila (Expert): Impossibility of knowing long term harms, alarmed by toxic environment in academia and scientific publishing

57:20 Cody Flint (Vaccine-Injured Pilot): Description of experience

+1:01:00 Theresa Long (The Military Doctor): Motivation for crusade against medical harms, pressure to promote CVAX via social media, “these are warriors not lab rats,” recalled drugs are predominately harmful to women, reported grounding 3 consecutive pilots and was put off duty

+1:16:30 Ernest Ramirez (Father of Vaccine-Killed): Description of experience

1:23:45 Kyle Warner (Vaccine-Injured Mountain Biker): Polished political plea (Warner’s interview, earlier, with John Campbell is a far more authentic and compelling account of his experience and the (mis)treatment he received from medical professionals)

+1:27:25 Douglas Cameron (Vaccine-Paralyzed): Description of experience

+1:32:25 Suzanna Newell (Vaccine-Injured): Description of experience, abandonment by doctors, “pandemic of trauma,” “mandates will not stop Covid, just continue the divide,” need to establish safety net for the injured

-1:37:50 Bob Kaplan (Video; Expert): Problems with trial (discussed later in recommended segments), younger scientists likely intimidated by suppression of “misinformation”

+1:43:25 Kellai Rodriguez (Vaccine-Injured Snowboarder and Mom): Description of experience, harassment by strangers for speaking out, made to feel like “I am an annoyance and a waste of time” by medical professionals, time to hold doctors and nurses accountable for dismissing CVAX reactions, motivations for CVAX despite prior infection (i.e. widespread expert downplaying of natural immunity)


Experts Speak Out

+1:48:35 Peter Doshi (Expert, Editor at The BMJ): “Everybody knows” attitude shuts down discourse, and everything “everybody knows” is questionable,

(1:52:30) These mRNA products are qualitatively different from standard “vaccines,” did not meet definition before it was edited this year

(1:53:00) “What if we these injections were called ‘drugs’ instead?” if these “drugs” only lessened severe outcomes and had to be taken every six months to work? would you take them and mandate them for everyone else? “Or would you say, ‘Hold on a sec.’ Maybe you’d say, if that’s all the drug does, why not take a normal medicine instead? The kind we take when we’re sick and wanna get better? And why would you mandate it? The point is, just because we call it a ‘vaccine,’ doesn’t mean we should assume these new products are just like all other childhood vaccines which get mandated. Each product is a different product. And if people are OK with mandating something simply because, ‘It’s a vaccine and we mandate other vaccines, so why shouldn’t we mandate this?’ I think it’s time to inject some critical thinking into that conversation.”

-1:54:45 David Healy (Video; Expert): Semi off-topic generic review of how pharma trials reclassify severe AEs as benign-sounding events

+1:58:15 Linda Wastila (2) (Expert): The science of vaccine safety, why delays in recognizing harms are common and devastating, no FDA/CDC attempt to estimate how many VAERS deaths are causal, no mechanism to follow-up because VAERS “is not designed to determine causality”

-2:06:00 Patrick Whelan (Video; Expert) Interesting theories RE spike toxicity and association with detection of spike in skin; peril of selecting spike for the mRNA shots, extremely cautious call for review of AEs

+2:13:00 Aditi Bhargava (Expert) - Condensed and hard-hitting list of facts about immunity, had trials been done correctly, it would not have taken until July to detect the drop in infection efficacy

(2:17:55) The destruction of control groups to make knowing what CVAX is doing impossible, keeping antibodies at a persistent high level via boosters might risk autoimmune effects, media says “science is clear,” yet science does not say that, the flow-chart

-2:19:15 Retsef Levi (Expert) - Details silent and explicit suppression of dissent in scientific community


Trial Adverse Event Reporting Experiences:

+2:28:40 Stephanie and Maddie de Garay (Mom + Vaccine-Injured Child Trial Participant): (2:32:00) What happens in trial: They let you log reactions for 7 days only, only include solicited expected reactions, no free-form at all, for other events have to call study doctor or principle investigator, can’t enter it in yourself, study doctor replied to go to children’s hospital and check for appendicitis, we still don’t know what made it into the trial record.

(2:36:30) Slide: NEJM version of Maddie’s reaction as “functional abdominal pain”

+2:39:45 Brianne Dressen (2) (Vaccine-Injured) - What happens in trial: Trial was for AstraZeneca, was assured of “thorough and meticulous” procedures for any AE, data would be collected and available to public, “the pharmaceutical company” agreed to pay any medical expense arising, this did not occur; tracking app only had solicited events, no free-form; I was withdrawn after my serious AE and access to app was deleted; protocol asserts 730 day follow-up, I was last in contact on day 60. Reported in final results as “Withdrew” after 1st dose.

(2:42:30) FDA/CDC heads have direct knowledge of these cases since last December, I was in video conference and emails with Janet Woodcock - they know about all these AEs, and the media/scientific censorship.

(2:44:00) Was one of few to go to NIH, received tests not available to public, we were instructed not to talk about the research, assured that it would be published in summer which would open door for appropriate medical care for all victims, NIH no longer accepting calls, has told me and others that this is an “immune-mediated response to the spike protein”

(2:46:20) “Here is your [the viewer’s] ‘informed consent’:” You will receive care for Covid, but not for injuries from the vaccines. “The government won’t help you, the drug companies won’t help you, your medical teams will have no idea what to do with you. Financially you will be on your own.”

(2:47:10) Letter from a friend

(2:49:20) Destruction of Facebook support group after her testimony in Johnson’s June conference


The Historic Complicity of the Healthcare Profession:

+2:51:30 David Healy (2) (Video; Expert): More on-topic description of how pharma companies, led by Pfizer, learned to weaponize RCTs by sequestering raw trial data, intentionally divide consumers into “sheep” (those who believe claims) and “goats” (those who experience reality and speak out)

+2:56:45 Peter Doshi (2) (Expert, Editor at The BMJ): Increase of pharma secrecy circa 2009 swine flu and Tamiflu trial data, now is status quo: Pfizer Covid vaccine trial data cannot be requested until 2025. Moderna late 2022. Janssen, July 2022. The blame lies on healthcare professionals who did not raise any outcry because none of them were independently reviewing drug trials to begin with

-3:00:50 Joel Wallskog (Vaccine-Injured Surgeon): Description of Experience

-3:06:40 Shaun Barcavage (Vaccine-Injured FNP and Researcher): Description of Experience

+3:19:35 Aaron Siri (Lawyer, Writes Injecting Freedom): Among Covid-injured physician clients there are 3 common themes, 1 their own peers disbelieved them, called issues psychological, 2 had to self-submit VAERS and expected calls that never came, and then directly contacted agencies and was assured no signal in VAERS; We often ask if these professionals will make their experience public - they fear retaliation;

(3:23:45) No physician came forward until Patricia Lee, on behalf of serious reactions she saw in her practice; lack of follow-up questions by Marks etc. after Lee described victim reactions

-3:30:08 Kim Witczak (Drug Safety Advocate) - Personal drug harm experience and generic comments on drug safety and consent

+3:38:20 Iona Heath (Video; Doctor and Expert) - A must-see meditation on modern medicine: The responsibility of doctors to protect patients from harmful medicines,

(3:39:45) “Medicine becomes dangerous, whenever the lives, contexts, hopes, and priorities of individual patients are lost from view, whenever healthcare becomes depersonalized, by public health utilitarianism on macro scale and/or biomedical science on the micro scale. Many of the people we have heard from today have been squeezed between both these modes of depersonalization. Their individuality has been lost from view, and their experience has been discounted.”

(3:40:20) Reminded of paper by David Sackett, “The Arrogance of Preventative Medicine.”8 He wrote:

Preventive medicine displays all 3 elements of arrogance. First, it is aggressively assertive, pursuing symptomless individuals and telling them what they must do to remain healthy. Occasionally invoking the force of law (immunizations, seat belts), it prescribes and proscribes for both individual patients and the general citizenry of every age and stage. Second, preventive medicine is presumptuous, confident that the interventions it espouses will, on average, do more good than harm to those who accept and adhere to them. Finally, preventive medicine is overbearing, attacking those who question the value of its recommendations

(3:41:35) When people in power conclude that fear can only be contained by certainty, they will push certainty, people know life is uncertain, and fear is contained by trust.

3:43:25 Ron Johnson (Senator): Conclusion: Censorship driven by refusal to admit error.

Experts refuse to learn from history until they make it themselves, and the price for their arrogance is paid by the innocent.9

We’re human. We make mistakes, then we fix them. That’s how we become better. We take responsibility for our actions and we apologize when we’ve hurt someone, and we don’t get to turn around and tell them that we didn’t.

We take responsibility, come together as a nation of people with kindness and compassion, instead of hate and anger. A nation of people who stand for change and freedom, and won’t be silenced any longer.10


Testimony of Kellai Rodriguez, Pfizer/BioNTech Covid vaccine recipient. Beginning at 1:43:25 of Johnson, Ron. “Expert Panel on Federal Vaccine Mandates” (2021, November 1.)


Introduction to “Expert Panel on Federal Vaccine Mandates,” Ron Johnson, crude transcript:

As Bri, and Maddie, and Stephanie are well aware of, telling the truth in today’s cancel culture is not necessarily easy. Um - you can pay a pretty heavy price for it. So I really appreciate everybody participating in this, personally or via video. Uh, their willingness to tell the truth. Um it’s a real shame that we’re having to hold this roundtable. Had government officials, uh, the heads of our healthcare agencies, had they been doing their job - had they been honest and transparent with the American public, we wouldn’t be here today. The very sad fact of the matter is, is they haven’t. We’re, we’re billing this as a discussion about the vaccine mandates, which is the current policy response to Covid, that will rob us of freedom and take an enormous toll on human beings, on our economy.

I think every American really needs to ask themselves the question, since the beginning of this pandemic, have the policies followed by the US government - and you could ask this of governments of the world, but we’re going to focus on the US - have they worked? Have the shutdowns worked? Have the mask mandates worked? Have the vaccines and are the vaccine mandates going to work?

I’m sure we all hoped and prayed they would have. But the fact is, we have close to 750k who’s now reported died with or from Covid. 750k. In the US, we rank 23rd, out of more than 200 nations. And that’s a bad ranking, in terms of number of deaths per 100k. We are 220 per people 100k died from Covid. Sweden - remember everybody attacked Sweden? - because I think personally that they approached this rationally. They protected the vulnerable, they isolated the sick, and they let the rest of society carry on as safely as they possibly could. We’re at 220 per 100k Sweden is at 145, 145 people per 100k dead from Covid.

One of the huge blunders of our government response is we not only ignored, but higher-ups in the agencies sabotaged early treatment. To this day, the NIH guidelines for treating Covid are to basically do nothing. Now, as far as I know, in medicine, with any disease, we’re always talking about early detection allows for early treatment produces better results, which just makes perfect sense. Why didn’t we do that with Covid? The only treatment prior to hospitalization recommended right now is monoclonal antibodies, and it’s difficult to get those.

So, the fact of the matter is, that when we turn our attention to vaccines, I don’t think there’s a person here that is anti-vaccine. Obviously those that have been injured by vaccines were very pro-vaccines. But we have to ask ourselves, did the vaccines work? I have one chart behind me which just combines a timeline of percent of Americans being vaccinated, and you can see we’ve approached over 60 percent. At the same time we show the average number of daily cases. You can see we had a huge surge toward the tail end of 2020. And even before the vaccines could even kick in, that surge was winding down.

And I think we were at that point all hoping and praying that the vaccines would just stomp this thing out for good and we could move on with our lives. Now, had the vaccines been effective, had they done that, you would see a tailing off of that curve into infinity. That’s not what we see. We see a whole new surge. A surge of a variant called Delta.

Now, our government officials, I talked about them not being particularly honest, not being particularly transparent. We invited them all here. Representatives from the heads of the CDC. Secretary of defense Austin. Secretary of labor Walsh. Secretary of transportation Buttigieg. Deputy acting commissioner Woodcock. HHS Secretary Becerra. NIAID director Fauci. NIH director Collins. Together with the CEOs of Johnson Johnson, Moderna, Pfizer and BioNTech. None of them showed up. None of them showed up.

President Biden, for his part, in terms of honesty, July 21st, just a couple months ago, said if you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized, you’re not going to be in an ICU, you’re not going to die. You’re not going to Covid if you have these vaccinations. He said this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

How I wish he was right when he said these vaccines were going to be that effective. But the fact is, they haven’t been.

If you take a look at what’s been happening in the UK the last 7 and a half months, and again - I wish we had data in the US, so we could point to that data, but we don’t. If they’re collecting it, they’re not sharing it with the American public. In the UK in the last 7 and a half months, 80% of their cases have been Delta variant. Of the people who die from Covid in the UK with the Delta variant over the last four months, 63% had been fully vaccinated. Over the last four weeks, in the uK, 78% of those that have died with the Delta variant from Covid, 78% have been fully vaccinated.

I hate to steal the thunder from one of our participants here [Aditi Bhargava], but in the slide, they’ve got a very dramatic decision tree when it comes to vaccine mandates. The first decision square says “Are Covid 19 vaccines effective?” It has three [two] lines, “Yes” or “No.”

If the vaccines are effective, then the next decision box says, “Mandates are pointless.” Right? If the vaccines are effective, there’s no need for mandates. If you wanna get the vaccine, you’ve got it, you’re protected, you don’t care whether somebody else gets vaccines. The other decision line, are the vaccines effective, it’s “No,” then it also points to the exact same box, “Then the mandates are pointless.”

There are three realities that our federal health agencies, president Biden and his administration are ignoring when it comes to the mandates. And again, you have to understand the destructiveness of these mandates, on our healthcare system. And again, I’ve been talking to the doctors and nurses, the heroes of Covid. The people who had the courage and compassion to treat Covid patients. So many of them caught Covid. Some died, most survived.

Now they’re treating the vaccine injured. They will not get vaccinated. We will lose decades, decades worth of experience in our healthcare system that is already experiencing significant shortages of workers. What are doing? How insane is this?

But one of the things that our policymakers are ignoring is natural immunity. Why would we force a vaccine that is not as effective as we hoped, why would we force that on people who are naturally immune, when the science tells us that those who have natural immunity probably have better and more long-lasting immunity than those fully vaxxed?

The other reality that our policy makers are denying is that the vaccines prevent infection, prevent transmission. They’re not. It’s obvious they’re not. So again, if you’re vaccinated, and you can still get infected and still transmit, what is the rationale for the mandates? There is no rationale, like that decision box said they are pointless. At the same time being utterly destructive.

Then of course, what we’re really going to be discussing today, the third reality that our policy-makers are denying, is the vaccine injuries. I was introduced to Brianne Dressen in June of this year, when I held an event in Milwaukee, just allowing - and Maddie and Stephanie. I just held an event in Milwaukee to allow a couple, I think five vaccine injured individuals just to tell their story. That’s it, just to tell their story. Back then, their main message was, “We just want to be seen, we want to be heard, we want to be believed.” Why? Because unless the medical establishment, their doctors, their health agencies are willing to acknowledge just the possibility of vaccine injuries. If you’re not willing to acknowledge the root cause of a condition, of an injury, of a malady, of an illness, how can you hope to cure that illness? How can you help these individuals who participated in some of the trials to benefit humanity - how can you help them fully recover if you’re not willing to admit that vaccine injuries are real?

The final slide I wanna put up here is a chart that is laying out the reality of vaccine injuries. Now this is from the government, the CDC/FDA’s own safety early warning surveillance system. One that they touted in October. Man, they were going to pay attention to this. If they see in a vaccine injury that even results in a couple lost day’s work, they’re going to have someone from the CDC on the phone up with that vaccine injured person. You’re going to hear from the vaccine injured on this panel that that is so far from the truth, so far from the reality.

But if you just compare the adverse events for the standard flu vaccine vs Covid, you can see that there’s something happening here. Something that needs to be acknowledged, something that the Wallenski’s and the Fauci’s and the Wookcock’s, that president Biden ought to be concerned about. So if you look over the last 25 and 3/4 years of the flu vaccine, on average, there’s been 7,596 adverse events per year. In 10 months with the Covid vaccines we’re at 837595 - this is a chart from last week, these are updated numbers.

On average the number of deaths reported on VAERS for the flu vaccine is 78 per year. The updated figures today are 17,619 that is 225 times the number of deaths, in just a 10 month period vs an annual figure for the flu vaccine. These vax injuries, vaccine injuries are real.

And as the individual Green Bay Packers star Ken Ruckers who introduced me to Bri and her group, as he stated in that meeting in June, “Vaccine injuries are rare and mild, until one happens to you or your loved one.”


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