Your moral bankruptcy is unfathomable. You should seriously consider self immolation. Compost the ashes. The only positive contribution you’ll make this universe

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You missed the fact the police waited VERY long and even after they had overwhelming numbers, shields and long guns STILL did not go in. Plus that at least one cop that did want to go in, was actively disarmed and stopped by his peers. You can perhaps argue a lone cop with a handgun should not go in *immediately* and in some cases a small delay to group is better, but that is not what happened. They had overwhelming numbers and still did not go in for well over an hour. Some kids were shot AFTER they had superior numbers and weapon advantage on site.

When it is kids involved, it needs to be a simple policy exactly to not get into paralyzing confusion: As long as there are living kids, you go in, even if only with a handgun. In technical terms as long as it is an "active shooter". you go in. Don't want to do that, go flip burgers or so, but don't be a cop. After all, we as civilians/parents are also asked to disarm and not attempt to 'do things' ourselves but leave it all to cops. You cannot have it both ways. Such a simple policy will not be perfect, but the reverse has cost us a lot of kids lives, as it leads to situations like Uvalde.

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Do you know how Alexander the great solved the Gordian Knot? He sliced it in half with his sword.

We don't need better trained officers, or better active shooter plans. We need armed guards at the schools.

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Interesting article, your assessment makes a lot of sense and consistent with training I’ve received. I’ve attended many emergency management training sessions over the years when I used to be involved in managing “crowded places”. Active shooter being one of the scenarios we trained for. The guideline below is very similar to the training I received, probably due to the fact that it contained a lot of input from the same guys that conducted our training sessions. The training organizers we used were ex NYPD, Madison Square Gardens, Scotland Yard and NSW Police and NSW Fire & Rescue personnel. The final guideline was written after I left, but I had seen various drafts of the guideline as it was part of our scenario training.

Minimizing the offenders access to victims was the primary objective. Which sounds like what the officers did Uvalade.


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Interesting, you made some points that I didn't think about. An active shooter situation is a very complex situation isn't it?

What makes you interested in police work?

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