Solving nothing but creating a huge bureaucracy that’s already over bloated. The way to reduce immigration by statistically significant number is simply overhaul our central and south American foreign policy. And all prohibition, fix loopholes in gun laws, reform business and other social constructs within those countries. Stop aid to those who abuse human rights. The reason those regions are in chaos is our foreign-policy thing You don’t even address it. Leaving you’re not qualified to have a discussion on the topic.

“Violating the constitution” is never the right fucking answer, bro. Half of that if not more is completely incorrect anyway.

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This entire bullshit is just way too much. First, no illegal immigrants are allowed in the country. You have to be standing on US soil to apply for asylum. That is reality. During that process if they are an illegal trespasser, they are deported immediately.

Undocumented immigrants seeking asylum are not a legal residence. No more so than you or I.

The Republicans have had control far more than the Democrats of the executive and legislative branch since Reagan. Fucking institute a decent policy. I’m so sick and tired of you disingenuous assholes grandstanding on something that you could’ve fixed long ago.

Immigration is not on the list of things that contribute to our Third World shit hole status. It’s a fucking political football so that erases jack wads don’t actually catch on to things like the corporate rape of taxpayers wallet and the Earth. Who’s really fucking you over.

Also, undocumented workers contribute 5 to 30 times more than they ever seen the state and federal treasury fair in essence, subsidizing red states, with all receive more federal money than they contribute there so much a hard-working brown guys are supporting your fucking lazy white ass. And you wanna stop it. Jesus you people are fucked

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Just take away their entitlement to free healthcare, education, and any government services and most of them won’t come. And those that do come will be ready to work to support themselves.

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Two problems:

(1) They don't count the tens of thousands of illegals that don't get caught or don't present themselves to Border Patrol, and

(2) The mega-crininals in the Federal government have NO intention of mitigating the INVASION! They WANT the country overrun and destroyed, so of course they will never take realistic or meaningful action against the illegals. Biden et al are puppets of the WEF, Xi Jinping, and U.N./WHO.

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How many cases of asylum have been approved? Only 61,000 over 3 years. Most get rejected and removed. Problem is there are almost a million pending cases.

What obligates any country to allow someone into the country to apply for asylum? Just tell them to apply at nearest embassy. Close the border to all but those with visas, US passport or proof of refugee status. Jail employer’s who hire undocumented workers. Problem solved

Drones and satellites can show anyone sneaking in for rapid apprehension and detention

Illegal immigration is allowed because its profitable. An entire industry has been set up for processing them. Those who stay become tax payers, have kids and spend money (income or benefits which come from borrowed money and not taxes). An economy cant grow unless the population grows and Americans born women aren’t having many babies.

Republicans play lip service to the issue for political capital but their corporate bosses want the flow to continue


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